TSG has and continues to work with athletes in all sports. Enjoy our clients' success stories.

Join our story! The Strength Guys has and continues to work with diverse athletes in all sports. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, general fitness enthusiast, football player, etc. Read what our clients have to say as they share their success stories.

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Mark Martin NASCAR Hall of Famer

Strength & Conditioning

Taylor Atwood Elite IPF/USAPL 74kg Raw Powerlifter
Rhonda Wong Team Canada 47kg IPF Powerlifter
Ante Milanovic-Litre Canadian Football League Running Back
Gary Amlinger Natural Bodybuilder
Brittany Bolt Bikini Competitor

What our clients say

"I have been working out for 25 years and experienced numerous setbacks & injuries along the way. I started training with The Strength Guys in December of 2012 with goals of getting stronger, improving muscle definition, and avoiding pain. After 3 months of training I was able to progress into full range of motion with Bench Presses for the first time in 10 years, as well as full depth back squats with no pain. Recently, I have been able to add 40 lbs to my Deadlift 1RM as well. I have made more progress and regained useful strength from past injuries than I thought was possible within the timeframe that we have been working together and am happy with the training that I have received.”  

Mark Martin, NASCAR Driver


"For the little why I've been powerlifting, I've been using online programs and adjusting it whatever way I see it fit and it's been working. Then I realized all high level athletes have coaches and if I was going to get to level I want to, I need to get me one of those so I contacted Alfred. The first program Alfred gave to me was something I've never done before infact I thought it was boring and I didn't fully trust the process but I had to give it a shot. I did for the first week and just like I thought it was TORTURE but I kept on doing and started noticing i had made gains, better endurance and conditioning . Then the next phase was to focus on strength and that has been fun, which was when everything started to come together and I realized he knew exactly what he was doing so I gave in.

I hired Alfred  for coaching and not to just get me strong but also learn from his experience and knowledge which he has lot of. You want a coach that you respect and as thing you can learn from if not it's going to be productive. Just like in everything I do, I have trust issue which took me a while to completely trust the process. But now I 100% trust the process. Why?! Because I've noticed gains like never before. Every session is a mental and physical PR. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself which is always a good motivator. I've gained so much knowledge and strength in the past few months with Alfred and you can bet I'm excited about the future."

Landre Adeoye, Powerlifter


"I approached Jason Tremblay – co-founder of The Strength Guys (TSG) – in March of 2014 because I was looking for a coach that could guide me in bikini and powerlifting competitions in the most enjoyable, scientifically backed way. TSG helped me do just that! With evidence based nutrition and training protocols, TSG greatly contributed to my success in bikini and powerlifting: to winning bikini overall Newfoundland in 2014, a silver medal and Canadian national deadlift record at Canadian powerlifting nationals in 2015 and a bronze medal at the 2017 CBBF bikini nationals. I love how approachable Jason is with any questions or concerns I have. I always know exactly what I am doing with regards to my training and nutrition and why. Over the years team TSG has become a community that I can turn to whenever need be. On top of being an amazing coach, Jason has become a real mentor and true friend to me over theyears and I would highly recommend team TSG to anyone!"

Brittany Bolt, Bikini Competitor and Powerlifter

"Jason has been working with me as for the last year and a half and is someone I hold in the highest regards. In order to get myself in the position I am today I firmly accredit that to being on top of latest findings in strength and conditioning research, nutrition, and sports medicine. Jason and his business pride themselves on being informed and acting off of the latest knowledge available in these fields. Jason wore many hats in working with me whether it was as a consultant, coach, or as a friend. During his time as an intern with Brett Bartholomew at the Unbreakable Performance Centre, often times he would either train with the elite group (made up of professional athletes across different sports) or assist in coaching one or many segments of our training period. During that time and especially after my time with Unbreakable had ended, I would bounce ideas off of Jason and we would come to conclusion after he would inform me what the latest research findings dictate, whether it was training related, nutrition related, or sports medicine related. When I went through an injury in college, Jason stepped out of his comfort zone to find out what I could do to recover faster and protect myself and return to sport.

If you are someone looking to step up your training, or improve yourself, Jason is a guy that will get you there."

Ante Milanovic-Litre, Canadian Football League Running Back for the Calgary Stampeders

"A wise man once told me to trust the process, it is a marathon not a sprint. Taylor places great emphasis on providing challenging, highly refined and meaningful programming for his athletes as well as ensuring a an open line of communication. Despite his busy work and lifting schedule, he is always responsive. Working with him has helped me develop a greater sense of confidence and self-efficacy. At my last meet, I hit 9/9 attempts and hit a huge total PR. I have genuinely enjoyed the past eight months that I have worked with Taylor and I am not afraid to come to him for questions I may have regarding powerlifting or even life/career choices.  I always look forward to working out with Taylor because he is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and sharing his wealth of powerlifting experience and ideas. Taylor embodies all of the key characteristics of an excellent coach as well as a world class athlete. He is genuine, kind, considerate and an all around savage when it comes to powerlifting.  He understands the needs of his athletes, addresses them and ensures that the protocols that he has laid out are continuously implemented.  I would highly recommend Taylor to any athlete that is willing to learn, work their butt off and push their limits for he is not only a great coach, but a great friend. Thank you to the support of the entire TSG team as well as Coach Taylor Atwood."

Carlton Wan, Powerlifter

"The Strength Guys are unlike any other training group. Besides having an immense repertoire of expertise and skill, they truly care about their  clients’ growth – both physical and personal. I had the pleasure of training with Jason for several years. He guided me through my first powerlifting competition and two bodybuilding competitions, as well as the aftermath of each. The improvements in strength and body composition I made during this time were massive. TSG optimizes training and nutrition plans based on substantial evidence from both scientific literature and from practical experience. However, what sets TSG apart is the support they provide clients with and their focus on continuous growth in all aspects of life. Jason played a critical role in helping me make progress mentally by being an immense source of support and encouragement. I truly don’t believe I’d be where I am today without being involved with TSG. Jason inspired me to push myself more, as well as believe in myself more, which has made all the difference in the successes I’ve had in life."

Shannon Hart, Bikini Competitor

"Working with Coach Roberts has been a wonderful learning experience. He not only takes meticulous care in ensuring my nutrition and training are designed according to my individual needs, he ensures i understand the reasoning for why we adopt certain tools along the journey. He takes his time to explain and demonstrate new concepts via video or audio. This has been invaluable to me as it has enabled me to understand whats really necessary when it comes training and nutrition. Ive thoroughly enjoyed working with Coach Roberts and look forward to achieving my fitness goals with his help. Just wanted to say a big thank you for being patient with me."

Manula De Alwis, Fitness Enthusiast


"I decided to train under Kedric's coaching during my last participation in the MPA Strength Assembly Meet 2017. Before the start of the coaching, I told him of my targets for the competition. The training program he put me under was tough, but it delivered results. He was meticulous in monitoring my results and paid close attention to my form and tehcnique.

He was there with me during the weigh in session as well as on the competition day. He took very good care of all his athletes from warm ups till the performance on the platform. At the end, I managed to place 2nd in my weight category and bring back the silver medal. I truly enjoyed the coaching/training sessions."
Esther Lim, Powerlifter

"I've had the privilege of being coached by Alfred for a couple of months now and the biggest changes for me were not just my numbers but how I approach myself as a lifter.  I'm not the hardest working guy or the easiest guy to work with but Alfred has had faith in me from day one. Every session had volume for days and through that struggle, it made things better. My technique has improved and the consistency has paid off. All in all I would like to thank Alfred for being more than just a coach but also being a good friend and wise mentor. Thanks buddy my PB's wouldn't happen without you."

Chan Wai Meng, Powerlifter

"It all started back in May of 2013, when I reached out to Layne Norton in regard to training and nutrition for natural bodybuilding. After we talked and went over rates, I had realized that it was just too much for me financially at the time and would need to be referred to another coach. The first coach Layne had referred me to was Jason Tremblay.

Jason and I had begun training shortly thereafter and we immediately clicked. The personal attention I had gotten was impressive to say the least, as he would answer his emails promptly and with great efficiency. Attentiveness was obviously a very high standard he upheld as a coach. As the months and eventually years went by, I clearly had added a TON of lean tissue to my frame, as well as increasing my strength greatly on all of my lifts. I actually couldn’t believe how much I was growing, even after only 6 months. Not only that, but I had learned more about exercise science training under Jason than I had ever learned in my entire life. He was not only my coach, but was and still is a great teacher and mentor.

My exercise science, nutrition and coaching game has leveled up exponentially and I was able to apply that to my own clients as well. It really has been an amazing experience to say the least. Fast forward to September of 2017, we are now in contest prep getting ready for our first show together, which will be the 2018 INBF Hercules WNBF Pro-Qualifier. We have been working with each other for almost 4.5 years now, and I am as confident as ever that I will bring my absolute best package to the stage.

I just really want to thank Jason and The Strength Guys for everything that they’ve done for me. My career as a trainer and an athlete has been greatly accelerated due to my work with them and I could not be more grateful. Here is to many more successful years as an athlete and a fitness professional with Jason and the rest of the team!"

Gary Amlinger, Bodybuilder

"Over the past year, John has been very friendly, helpful, and quick to answer any questions we have. He has exposed us to training styles and exercised that I feel have helped us become better,  and more well-rounded lifters. We both look forward to continuing having John coach us."

Daniel and Megan Henrichs, Powerlifters


"I began working with Alfred in mid-August this year. Prior to beginning the program, we discussed my goals and he provided me with some great and useful information and tips. He prepared my first five week program in August and tailored it to my specific goals. He continuously followed up with me and let me know that I could check in with him at any time with any questions. He also said he would be more than willing to meet with me to ensure I had correct form. He took the time to explain the realistic expectations I should have and how important it is to continue with the program in order to see the results that I want.

After the first five weeks, my friends and I noticed significant differences in certain areas of my body. They commented that my shoulders and arms are more defined and legs looked more muscular. Of course I know I have a long way to go to reach my goals, but I am so happy that in only five weeks the changes in my body have been recognized. I just completed my one week deload program and am ready to start the next session this week. I look forward to seeing even more results and am truly grateful for Alfred, his generosity and the time he has provided to me. It is very obvious how much he loves what he does."


"We moved to a sleepy little town in 2014, I was busy raising young children and desperately wanted to get back into the gym. At 33, I thought I was too old to be good at any sports or step on stage again. So, I started powerlifting, mostly because I have always loved lifting and I wanted feel bad-ass. I didn’t realize I would fall in love with the sport. I didn’t know that I wasn’t too old to try something new, and maybe even be good at it! After my first meet, my goal was to compete at Nationals, and hopefully one day at World’s (as a Master).  I was hooked.

In October 2016, Alfred hosted a powerlifting and nutrition seminar in my hometown in Prince Rupert, BC. At the time, the powerlifting community in my small town consisted of me and few friends who had competed a few times at meets, so as you can imagine, we were pretty limited in our knowledge and exposure.  I attended the seminar feeling very excited about what I could learn, but what I didn’t realize is that I would make a new friend who would eventually be the perfect fit to coach me.

At the end of the seminar, Alfred offered to stay late and critique our technique and answer any questions we had. I was very grateful for the feedback since I was 6 weeks out of a meet and had virtually no plan. It was during this time that I could see how much Alfred understood about the sport, and I appreciated his emphases on technique, super-compensation and recovery. Alfred reached out to me shortly after the seminar to ask if I wanted his help to prep for my next meet. Of course I said yes and the results from that meet exceeded my expectations. I joined The Strength Guys and the rest is history.

In the last 9 months, I have reached many milestones with the help of Alfred. In many ways I have transitioned from a beginner who fumbled along to a confident (and pain free) athlete. If there is one thing I have learned about the coach-athlete relationship is that the athlete MUST trust the process! And I do. I don’t doubt the programming because I always see results.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Alfred. Your coaching, endless support, friendship and belief in me are bar none. You have pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and have always provided honest, constructive feedback."


Cindy Leighton, Powerlifter


"I originally had nagging lower back and QL injuries before approaching The Strength Guys for help. Saw that my country’s top powerliter (Clinton Lee of Singapore) was working with Jason and thought that I’ll give the coaching team a look and never looked back.

Dr. Brandon Roberts is a scientist; first he listens, then he investigates and observes, and asks questions objectively. As an Exercise and Sports Science Bachelor’s Degree Graduate and personal trainer myself, I am surprised at how well Dr Brandon Roberts is well versed at topics such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, injury prevention and exercise programming. Going the extra mile, he constantly checks in on me several times a week via email, video or audio, to make sure that training is going smoothly as planned that week. Dr. Brandon Roberts considers every facet of a theory and keeps a flexible mind around it; as he says, there are no ‘one size fits all’ approach, and he practices that with me.

Every training block with Dr. Brandon has a purpose: it is explained clearly and it shows in the results. He always focuses on the proper form, and is always respectfully, keeping a sharp eye on every movement. Dr. Brandon Roberts seeks to educate rather than to spoonfeed. The first time I spoke with Dr. Roberts, I was out troubled with a nagging injury. Now after 7 months of consistent coaching, not only have I gotten rid of my back injuries and stronger, I have learnt heaps from Dr. Roberts on the topic of powerlifting programming and exercise selection (it’s not as easy as A + B = C for MOST clients). I greatly recommend Dr. Brandon Roberts to anyone who is planning to take his training to the next level. With commitment, he will make a difference."

Ming Siu, Powerlifter

"I'm a 52kg female powerlifter who has been receiving coaching from Alfred for the past 7 months. I approached him about programming in January of 2017, after a few years of coaching myself. I had achieved qualifying national totals in the Global Powerlifting Committee as well as the International Powerlifting League the previous year, but progress was slow. I was having alot of difficulty putting more than a few kilograms a meet on my total and constantly found myself struggling to pick appropriate exercises or plan effective training cycles.

When we first started working together I was very clear that my goal for our first meet together - August of 2017 was for me to achieve a squat personal record. Almost immediately I received one of the best written, most thorough training programs I've received - and for someone coming up on 10 years in the sport, that's saying alot. Alfred was also very willing to give me specific, direct answers when I inquired about why an aspect of my programming was written as it was. It is important that a coach be able to back up his programming with clear and concise reasoning - Alfred has never once failed to do that.

In the 7 months we've been working together I've put 7.5kg on my squat, and achieved my first 275kg total. I was specfic about what I wanted from a coach and Alfred has delivered that. My programming has been specific to my needs at the time - my feedback is taken into account and the programs I've received are always thorough and well thought out. They look at the 'whole person' instead of having someone just spit out numbers on a spreadsheet, Alfred geniunely cares about his athletes. I'm really looking forward to what the next 7 months has in store."

Crystal Grimsen, Powerlifter


"I'm a competitive bodybuilder but recently I wasn’t satisfied with how my progress was. With that being say I decided to work with Kedric on a Powerbuilding program where I would be able to get bigger and  stronger and the results surpassed my expectation. Kedric put in the hard work in making sure I’m able to get in enough food and nutrients  to increase my strength but yet low enough to drop my body fat percentage. Kedric is not just a coach but a friend who would drop by just to make sure that you are emotionally stable for your program too. It’s not all about balls to the wall and pushing when you can’t but also heart to the weight. He is a coach that deals with your heart ,personality and importantly your fitness goals."

Joshua Jireh Len, Bodybuilder


“Working with The Strength Guys is more than a coach to athlete interaction. This group of individuals have an incredible desire to learn and disseminate their knowledge to others. They take a science-based approach and customized a plan to cater to my personal needs. Each coach has a specific area of expertise and they work with one another to ensure the athlete is getting nothing but the most quality information and services. My time with The Strength Guys thus far has been an incredible experience. Jason has been more than a coach but a great friend and teacher as well. There turnaround time for my questions is unbelievably quick, and I know the answer will be research based with reasoning behind it. They encourage for athletes to always ask “why?” and question everything, and then they provide you with the knowledge and resources as well. This has already been a great experience and I look forward to working with them further. I highly recommend them to anyone regardless of what your goals are.”

Matty Fusaro, CEO of Fusaro Fitness & YouTuber


"The Strength Guys are professional bunch that know how to motivate, and above all care about your progress and conditioning. Through John's guidance, I have increased my numbers in bench squat and dead lift so much that I am now confident to sign up for my first meet. Not only this, I have nearly caught up with others using their own programming despite having not trained as long. For me, this proves that John listens to me and puts thought into my weak areas while increasing overall strength . I honestly can say each program that that I receive make me excited and eager to lift."

Murat Bilgin, Powerlifter


"Alfred has been my coach since April 2016 and has guided me through my powerlifting journey to CPU National Championship. Even through online training, he pushes me beyond my limits and helped me reach numbers I have never imagined lifting. We’ve worked together through my injuries by prescribing rehab and prehab accessories along with the main lifts. Alfred can see what I am capable of, even on days when I don’t think I can keep up with training. His programming isn’t an easy trip to attaining goals, it really isn’t. There have been many training sessions when I am cursing Alfred for the insane amounts of volume and super sets. But it is through these training sessions when I am cursing under my breath, that we are achieving personal records. He is chock-full of knowledge and is always happy to adjust programming based on personal needs. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alfred and I look forward to continuing my powerlifting journey with Alfred as a coach and a friend!"'

Sarah Xie, Powerlifter