Group Buy Program

Group Buy Program

TSG is a part of strength communities around the globe. If you would like to cultivate your own community of TSG athletes, we are pleased to support this with our new Group Buy program.

How does it work?

The TSG Group Buy program is based on multiple athletes signing up at the same time. Doing so makes the group eligible for discounts in accordance to the rules and details listed below:

  • All group members must sign up and pay within a 2-week period
  • Only eligible for four months of Program Design & Training Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, or the combined Training & Nutrition package (Programming Only aka Program Design not eligible)
  • All fees must be paid upfront or in two equal payments by all group members
  • 2 Members: 15% discount on 4-month package
  • 3+ Members: 20% discount on 4-month package
  • Can't be combined with another discount
  • All group members will receive individual coaching from the same coach.   All programs and nutrition plans will be customized for each athlete.

How do I find out more?

Read about our Coaching Services or email us for more information.