Skype Consultation

What would we talk about?

Would you like a Skype (or Google Hangout) consultation regarding a program you developed? Perhaps you would like a training and nutrition advice without signing up for coaching. Would you like posing or physique/bodybuilding competition advice? Would you like to discuss Sports Science solutions for your athletes or team? Are you a student of physique or strength and would like to have a broad conversation about evidence-based nutrition or training?

TSG is launching a new service where you can request a consultation with one of our coaches*


Jason Tremblay

Alfred Jong

Kedric Kwan

$100 USD for 60 Minute Skype Consultation **


You can request a specific coach, but due to other commitments, not all coaches are able to offer Skype consultations. We will assign a coach best suited based on your registration form. *

Non-refundable after coach assigned **

Video call may not be using Skype, but may use Google Hangouts depending on software available for coach and client.

If you are interested in becoming a TSG athlete, check out our COACHING SERVICES or CONTACT US

Skype Conversation Video Call