IPF Worlds 2018 – Jure Rus – TSG Athlete

2018 IPF World Championship - Jure Rus

2018 IPF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Jure Rus – Team Slovenia

Earlier this week we announced Taylor Atwood (@t_atwood) and Chris Wong (@chris_strong_wong) as TSG’s entrants to the 74 kg category at 2018 IPF World Championship.

Third at bat on the men’s side will be Jure Rus (@power_dentist). Jure will be representing Team Slovenia in the Men’s 83 kg Open category. He is the current European and Slovenian National Champion, and will be looking to achieve big personal bests from his 752.5 kg nomination total under the guidance of Ben Esgro & Jason Tremblay.four entrants into the 2018 IPF  World Championship , which will take place in June and is being held in Calgary.   http://2018ipfclassic.com


Read here to meet our team of coaches.