Justin Buren Drafted by Hamilton Tiger Cats

Justin Buren Drafted by Hamilton Tiger Cats

Yesterday evening we were thrilled to see @justinburen make his goal of becoming a Professional Football Player a reality. Justin was drafted by the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the 2018 CFL Draft.

There are many smoke and mirrors on the internet. In fitness, this is no exception. We represent a movement of letting performance speak for us, commitment to relationships and transparency, and being the change we support and want to see in the industry. We work daily to put our best foot forward and to represent ourselves in this manner through cohesiveness, and through co-coaching.

In the build up to the CFL Combines we assembled a team consisting of different backgrounds as scientists, coaches, athletes, and even as an aspiring scout in order to help prepare Justin to perform when his name was called. We met each week as a team to review his movement sessions and provide feedback with the use of Dartfish video analysis software. We also held separate meetings on Friday to make appropriate modifications and revisions to his training for the upcoming week.

The end results were a personal best performance at the regional combine, which earned Justin a spot in the national combine the next day where he had a better than expected performance once again. So it was a thrill for all of us to see his hard work pay off in the draft last night.

The great thing about working as a team is that one person doesn’t have to be everything. Together we formed a collective of athletes, scientists, coaches, and an aspiring scout who provided their own expertise to a collective effort which turned out really well in the end.  TSG Team

Congratulations Justin!

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