Announcement of Thailand Powerlifting Federation

Rob Ali TSG Athlete

We’d like to congratulate and commend long-time TSG’er Rob Ali (@robalistrength) on his pivotal role in the announcement of the Thailand Powerlifting Federation. Rob travelled overseas to Bangkok, Thailand where he delivered an Introduction to Powerlifting Workshop on behalf of his business, Ali Strength Systems, as a part of a week-long event which kicked-off the newly formed IPF – International Powerlifting Federation affiliate federation.  

Oh, and did we mention that he also recently squatted 280 kg in a meet at 83 kg?  Rob has been a TSG athlete for several years working with Jason Tremblay and currently working with The Strength Guys “Collective” co-coaching team of Jason and Ben Esgro.   To learn more about TSG Coaching and Consulting, click here.

Congratulations to Rob on an opportunity well-earned!

Ali Strength Systems

Thailand Powerlifting Federation