New Zealand Powerlifting Conference 2024

New Zealand Powerlifting Conference 2024


We are excited to announce that the New Zealand Powerlifting Conference 2024 a key event for powerlifting enthusiasts and professionals, has been recorded and is now available for purchase. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge from industry-leading experts shared during the conference, especially if you couldn’t attend the event in person.

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Purchasing these recordings is more than just an investment in your education and training. All profits from the sales will go towards supporting the growth of powerlifting in New Zealand, helping to develop the sport and supporting upcoming athletes.

Featured Speakers and Topics

Dr. Eric Helms

Eric Helms

Eric Helms, PhD, CSCS, Accred.SpNut(O) has coached since ’09 for Team 3DMJ, including national champions and world team members from five nations, including two Classic World Champs. He’s represented Team USA, New Zealand, and Canada internationally seven times at three IPF Classic Worlds and the inaugural Sheffield. As the AUT SPRINZ S&C Lab Manager and Senior Research Fellow, he communicates and leads strength and physique sports science.

Eric will present a systematic approach to individualization. This presentation will teach you how to incorporate autoregulation at all program levels, from exercise to session to session and block to block, to make programs inherently more individualized.

Dr. Alyssa-Joy Spence

Dr. Alyssa-Joy Spence New Zealand Powerlifting Conference 2024

Alyssa-Joy Spence, PhD, ISAK Level 2, is an NZPF Nationals podium finisher and has represented New Zealand internationally. She is a coach with The Strength Athlete and has over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience. She has an MSc in Kinesiology and a PhD in Sport and Exercise, examining the role of anthropometry and biomechanics in powerlifting. She teaches anatomy, biomechanics, exercise prescription, and athletic conditioning, co-leads the SPRINZ S&C research discipline, and conducts powerlifting research at AUT.

Her topic is Misconceptions and Realities of Mobility and Range of Motion in Powerlifting. In her presentation for the New Zealand Powerlifting Conference,  Alyssa will discuss how to approach stretching and mobility with athletes of different flexibility levels, address common perceptions and misconceptions, and provide programming recommendations.

Kedric Kwan

Kedric Kwan NZPL

Kedric, PhD(c), is the co-founder and head nutritionist for Reformance Training. He has coached multiple Sheffield, world, and national champions, providing training, game day and nutrition coaching. He is currently in his 5th year representing Team New Zealand as a coach. He has also internationally represented other nations, such as Japan, Bulgaria, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the USA, at IPF classic worlds. His PhD research at AUT focuses on rapid weight-cutting strategies for the strength athlete. He communicates strength and conditioning science and mentors coaches through his company, Reformance Training.

He will present on Going with the Flow: Rehydration strategies post-weigh-in for the Powerlifter. This presentation aims to help coaches and lifters get their feet wet and emphasize the importance of rehydration post-weigh-in. It will cover the timing, amount, and different types of fluid that would cater to the demands of a lifter undergoing rapid weight cutting.

Christian Amdi

Christian Amdi

Christian Amdi, PhD(c), is a self-employed coach and physiotherapist. He holds an MSc in Strength & Conditioning and serves as an assistant coach for the Danish powerlifting national team. He coaches athletes at all levels, including Danish national champions and record holders, and athletes competing at the World Cup, including a European Champs bench press silver medalist. His PhD research focuses on the impact of exercise specificity and individualized exercise selection for maximizing powerlifting improvements.

His topic is Biomechanically Informed Exercise Selection in Powerlifting. In his presentation, Christian will discuss the basic biomechanics of the squat, bench press, and deadlift, how this relates to practice, and how targeted exercise selection might enhance powerlifting gains by targeting biomechanical limiters of performance.

Andrew King

Andrew King New Zealand Powerlifting Conference 2024

Andrew King, PhD(c), is a powerlifter and coach with Reformance Training. He has coached nutrition for national title-winning athletes and athletes who attend international competitions such as the World and European Championships. His PhD research focuses on fuelling strategies for resistance training and the nutrition practices of powerlifters. Additionally, he contributes to research in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning at AUT.

He will present on Nutrition Concepts for the Powerlifter. Andrew will discuss how powerlifters approach nutrition and how these practices align with current sports nutrition recommendations. He will explore longer-term (e.g., year-round and within competitive phases) and short-term (e.g., hard vs. easy training days, pre- and post-exercise nutrition, supplementation) nutrition.

Jason Tremblay

Jason Tremblay

Jason Tremblay, BHPE, PFT, is the President & Co-Founder of The Strength Guys Inc. and has 12 years of coaching experience in Powerlifting, Natural Bodybuilding, and Strength & Conditioning. He coaches 5 IPF World Champions, 13 World Record Holders, and 2x Champion of Champions Taylor Atwood. His experience includes four years of S&C internships with Brett Bartholomew, Dan Noble, and the Calgary Flames National Hockey League team, which he designed sports science systems for to support the team’s draft, fitness testing, and athlete monitoring efforts from 2019-2021.

His presentation at the New Zealand Powerlifting Conference will be a milestone-based approach for powerlifters returning from injury. This presentation will discuss reducing injury risk and managing injuries when they happen using a practical, milestone-based framework to help guide the return to training.

Elite Powerlifting Performance Panel

Elite Powerlifting Performance Panel

Learn from the insights of Coach and World & Sheffield Champion, Evie Corrigan, and industry-leading coaches: Dr. Eric Helms, Kedric Kwan, and Jason Tremblay during the Q&A period which concluded the 2024 New Zealand Powerlifting Conference.

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