Let us take you to the next level with a Dartfish Performance Assessment 

Performing movements with a high level of skill and proficiency is essential to both performance and injury prevention. Starting for as little as $45 USD, one of our TSG coaches will provide you a detailed video analysis performance assessment of your movement mechanics using the cutting-edge Dartfish TeamPro Software.  

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How does a Performance Assessment work?

  • A specialized TSG coach will be assigned to work directly with you
  • Your coach will contact you within 2 business days of sign up, and will provide you detailed instructions on your video submissions. 
  • Upon submission, your coach will provide a detailed video analysis of your technique and prepare a written TSG Performance Assessment report for you.   Your complete assessment will provide extensive feedback and suggestions in order to improve your technique, as well as outlines on mobility work if needed. 
  • If your selected package includes consultations, your coach will arrange followup Skype calls with you to discuss your assessment and progress.


A performance assessment can benefit everyone's training - from the every day gym-goer to elite athlete. 

The everyday athlete:
You will receive detailed feedback and suggestions from professional coaches on your submitted exercise/drill videos in order to help you improve your technique, remedy any flaws, and prevent injury. 

A performance assessment is a perfect option for someone seeking a professional set of eyes in order to improve their lifts, or a lifter who does their own programming. You will be provided comprehensive feedback on your squat, bench press, deadlift, and any accessories submitted in order to improve your technique and performance, remedy any technical flaws, and prevent injury to ensure you bring nothing but the best to the platform.  

Bodybuilders / Physique Competitors
A TSG coach who specializes in the field, Brandon Roberts (PhD, NSCA Bodybuilding Committee, & Competition Judge), will review your submitted videos and provide detailed feedback and suggestions on your posing and physique.  

  • How much will it cost?
    • Performance Assessment 
      $45 USD
    • Dartfish TeamPro Performance Assessment + 3 Consultations with Coach
      - Coach will perform a detailed technique assessment using Dartfish TeamPro Software
      - Review your performance on a call with a coach (3 consultations)
      $200 USD  


 **Our team is proud to support the charity Lift4Life through our services. Every month, $5 of your athlete fees are directly donated to build and sponsor a TSG community gym in Zimbabwe.**
Check out our impact here
  • Payment Details
    • GST applicable for Canadian residents
    • Canadian residents will be billed in CAD
    • $5/mo will be donated to Lift4Life Coaching For A Cause
    • Automated payment plans available through PayPal or Square