Powerlifting Seminar Vietnam

Powerlifting Seminar in Hanoi

For the first time ever, Vietnam will be hosting their first IPF powerlifting seminar! Also a first, Clinton Lee (@clintoncratus_atp) and TSG Coach, Alfred Jong will be collaborating as guest speakers!

For those who don’t know, Clinton was a former TSG athlete. He was also the 2016 Asia Game champion and U74 silver medalist at the 2018 IPF World Championship. He is also the co-founder of Elevate Barbell Club ( in Singapore.

In this seminar, Clinton will be covering the fundamentals of the back squat, bench press, and deadlifting. Both Clinton and Alfred will be personally working with each athlete to ensure their technique is executed with precision and intent. In the second part of the seminar, Alfred will be going over the fundamentals of periodization and programming for powerlifting.

Saturday, November 16 – Hanoi, Vietnam.

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