Science Spotlight: Brandon Roberts

Brandon Roberts Introduction 

Brandon is currently researching muscle hypertrophy. He is specifically interested in the role of ribosome biogenesis during resistance training. He also writes science-based content for SCI-FIT, AARR, StrongerbyScience, and various other websites. You can find links to his articles here and links to his scientific publications here.


When did you start writing science-based articles?

I started in the second year of my PhD when I realized I needed to practice writing more. Initially, I figured that if I could translate research into something people understand, it would improve my scientific writing. It helped, but now I mainly do it for fun. I enjoy finding answers to questions in the field of exercise science. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but I’ll get there one day.

Which projects are you currently working on (research and other works)?

I have a ton of exciting projects going on. My solo research is focused on inflammation and its role in muscle hypertrophy. I received a fellowship to study this topic in cells and humans with the goal of identifying the molecular mechanisms of ribosome biogenesis. Ribosomes are where muscle protein synthesis occurs and play a relatively unexplored role in muscle growth. Another project is a randomized controlled trial using resistance training with metformin 1 or a placebo in aging atrophied adults 2. However, my favorite project is a concurrent training 3 study using transcriptome sequencing 4 in young subjects. I have a small role in a number of other projects too.


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