Brandon Roberts Awarded the Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition SIG Certificate of Appreciation by the NSCA

SIG Certificate Brandon Roberts NSCA Certificate

This past week TSG Coach & Director of Research & Education, Dr. Brandon Roberts (@brob_21) was awarded the Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition SIG certificate of appreciation by the NSCA.

The purpose of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition special interests group (SIG) is to allow members who either compete in bodybuilding and fitness or who train clientele who compete to share and disseminate strength and conditioning best practices and research in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

We’d like to congratulate Brandon on this recognition of his insightful work and the benefit which it has on our community. You can read and listen to more of his work below:

Dr. Brandon Roberts – Natural Prep: Bodybuilders vs. Powerlifters

Science Spotlight: Brandon Roberts