Strength Scholars Program


Many of our talented athletes are also enrolled in post-secondary education. We understand how it can be difficult to balance academics, athletics, and finances. The TSG Strength Scholars Program rewards academic performance at the end of each semester with up to a 15% reimbursement on coaching fees.

Strength Scholars Program Details:

  • Reimbursement is pro-rated from the date which you apply until the end of the current school semester
  • Must be full time student enrolled in at least 3 classes (9 credits)
  • To submit your application for the current semester you must apply by completing online application form.  Contact Us for more information
  • You must submit your grades to us at the end of the current school semester
  • You must be paying the current, undiscounted rates
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount
  • Your TSG account must be in good standing
  • A letter grade of ‘B’ or above in a Bachelors program or Tech Institute
  • Automatically qualified if currently enrolled in Masters or Doctorate program and TSG account in good standing

How To Apply:

If you are a student and looking to sign up, Complete application form and that's it.   We will be in touch with you at the end of your next semester regarding your scholarship/discount.

Interested in being a TSG athlete?   Check out our Coaching Services  This is only one of the many initiatives you can look forward to as a member of our team 


Coach and Strength Scholar Athlete