Taylor Atwood – Arnold Sports Festival SBD Pro American Powerlifting

Taylor Atwood Pro American Powerlifting

Taylor Atwood  –  Arnold Classic Sport Festival

SPD Pro American Powerlifting event 2018

Meet Recap

Leading into the Arnold Classic SPD Pro American Powerlifting event, Taylor and coaches Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro made the decision to compete at Taylor’s normal bodyweight of 75-76 kg’s. Following 6 weeks to peak for this competition due to unique life circumstances, Jason and Ben applied the same Shifting the Curve philosophy and principles used in our MyStrengthBook program to help Taylor achieve Best Overall Raw Lifter in the Arnold Classic Grand Prix, 32.5 kg PR since Nationals in October, and a 49.5 kg PR since World’s in June.

World’s: 265.5 kg/585 lbs
Nationals: 262.5 kg/578 lbs
Arnold’s: 280 kg/617 lbs


World’s: 185 kg/407 lbs
Nationals: 192.5 kg/424 lbs
Arnold’s: 192.5 kg/424 lbs


World’s: 282.5 kg/622 lbs
Nationals: 295 kg/650 lbs
Arnold’s: 310 kg/683 lbs

World’s: 733 kg/ & 533 Wilks
Nationals: 750 kg/1650 lbs & 543 Wilks
Arnold’s: 782.5 kg/1724 lbs & 554 Wilks
This weekend’s performance ranks Taylor 2nd by Wilks amongst current USAPL male lifters behind only Ray Williams. Next up for Taylor, Jason, and Ben will be preparation for the 74 kg IPF Worlds in TSG’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

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Taylor Atwood Pro American Powerlifting