The Complete Athlete Seminar

The Complete Athlete Seminar Alberta Powerlifting

Alberta Powerlifting  Hosting The Compete Athlete Seminar June 1, 2019 Edmonton, AB

Jason Tremblay and Alfred Jong will be presenting Peaking Science at The Complete Athlete Seminar hosted by Alberta Powerlifting. 

Excerpt from Alberta Powerlifting’s post:

This one day seminar will cover several topics directly related to your involvement and experience in powerlifting. We have arranged for a talk from a Sports Psychologist, a Pelvic Floor Specialist, some science into peaking, and an Athlete Rights speaker. All of these topics will better develop you as a powerlifter and empower you to make better training decisions to be the best you can be!

In the weeks to come, we will be sharing more detail about each topic, so stay tuned. Link in bio!