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2018 Year In Review

2018 Year In Review

2018 has been the greatest year for us. Our year in review stories capture some of the highlights.
Across all fronts we’ve experienced so many incredible moments, we’ve learned so much, and we’ve encountered many inflection points. See stories below which recap some of the highlights from 2018.

Thank you to all of our staff, our members, and each of you for the incredible support. We intend to continue on our trajectory in 2019.

Happy New Year!

2018 Worlds On Home Turf

2018 Worlds On Home Turf

In June 2018, TSG was honoured to host our athletes and supporters from around the world at the 2018 IPF Classic Worlds in Calgary.   We hosted athletes from Slovenia, Singapore, Great Britain, Malaysia and USA.  Eight members of our team made the trip to Calgary to help out and meet everyone.    Jason and Debbi held it together as they arranged accommodations, transportation, birthday celebrations, training sessions at XLR8 Fitness, etc.  The week was capped off with a day in Banff and Lake Louise followed by a wrap-up bbq.     Can anyone guess how many sausages and hamburgers 25+ powerlifters can eat?

2018 Worlds On Home Turf

2018 International Champions

TSG athletes from Canada, USA, Great Britain and Singapore competed in international competitions.    TSG athlete and coach, Taylor Atwood took home gold at the 2018 IPF Classic Worlds.   Ohio State Women's team placed a close second in the team competition at the IPF University World Cup.   Congratulations to all!

2018 National Champions

2018 Five National Champions

Canada, USA, Great Britain National Champions

2018 USAPL Men's Open Team Title
2018 Arnold Classic Titles
2018 Natural Bodybuilding
2018 The Strength Gals Launch

The Strength Gals

When Nicola Paviglianiti joined our TSG team, she formed a unique community within TSG called The Strength Gals.  We are very proud to support this community providing Empowerment Through Strength

2018 New Partnerships

TSG New Partnerships

In 2018, TSG formed two new partnerships.     (***TEST***)

Lift4Life was founded in 2015 by one of TSG's own coaches John Downing.  The Strength Guys Inc. now has a formal Lift4Life partnership. The charity uses  strength training and the sport of powerlifting as a means to provide humanitarian assistance and address needs within marginalized communities, and is currently working in the country of Zimbabwe. The organization provides funding support for lifting equipment, as well as training and resource support for local coaches and athletes. Within this context, the sport of powerlifting is addressing drug abuse, promoting health, fostering women empowerment, reducing crime, and providing employment and livelihood opportunities to only name a few.    Read more about TSG's Lift4Life Coaching For A Cause Partnership

MyStrengthBook - The Strength Guys has developed a series of unique training cycles for powerlifting available on the MyStrengthBook Program Library and mobile application.

These "Shifting The Curve" programs are not your one-size-fit-all template! Based on your training background, past result, and preferred frequency of training, you will select the appropriate training for your level. There are eight variations of the program developed by our TSG coaches in order to accommodate to your needs as an athlete. Read more about Shifting The Curve

2018 New Team Members
2018 Staff Achievements
2018 Community Growth
2018 Knowledge & Innovation