University Team Coaching

A behind the scenes look at our university team coaching service

Designed to elevate university powerlifting teams and athletes to new heights, TSG’s organized and enhanced University Team Coaching approach strives to take your team’s powerlifting experience to new levels. University Teams will work directly with the Team Coach to determine what training programs are best suited to their needs. Choose from our flexible program tiers to suit your budget, all of which grant access to our inter-team Discord server, fostering streamlined communication and connections among teams. Join TSG’s University Team Coaching service today and transform your team’s powerlifting experience.

University Team Coaching Services


$900 USD / 12 weeks

What’s included:

  • Initial needs analysis survey
  • Initial video call with University Team Coach
  • 3 training programs based on the team’s needs analysis & schedule
  • Monitoring of results & progress at the end of each training cycle
  • Access to inter-team Discord server to connect with other teams and lifters
  • Access to TSG warm-up library


$1200 USD / 12 weeks

What’s included:

  • Initial needs analysis survey
  • Initial video call with University Team Coach
  • 3 training programs based on the club’s needs analysis & schedule
  • Monitoring of results & progress at the end of each training cycle
  • Once per month video call with TSG Team Coach
  • Once per month video call with John Downing
  • Private Discord server to connect with TSG Club Coach and Collegiate Powerlifting Expert
  • Access to TSG warm-up library
  • Access to the Power Portfolio (technique education curriculum) and The Plan (health, wellness and readiness e-book)
  • 15% discounts for TSG services
    • Training
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Injury Management & Rehab Coaching
    • Mental Skills Coaching


Prices Below

Additional Help

  • $30 USD per person for Meet Day Strategies
  • Pre-recorded ($50 USD) or Live ($150 USD) per topic
    • Overview of Physiology for Improving Strength (Alyssa)
    • Overview of Biomechanics of Improving Strength (Charlotte)
    • Overview of Psychology of Improving Strength (Brittney)
    • Overview of Nutrition for Improving Strength (Jayne)
    • Overview of Injury Management for Strength Athletes (Emily & Dominic)
    • Overview of Competition Coaching (Arian)
    • Overview of Strength & Conditioning for Powerlifting (Patrick)
  • In-person meet coaching is on a case-by-case basis

Canadian residents will be billed in CAD
GST applicable for Canadian residents


As an individual that always loved being in the gym but never had a set program and I was not sure what to expect when I joined the club and was offered team programming.

As a former member of The Ohio State University Powerlifting Club I have nothing but positive things to say about The Strength Guys. I had questions and doubts but once I finally received the programming I was pleasantly surprised. There were two programs offered beginner and intermediate. Starting out it was nice to know that there was a beginner program so I was not too overwhelmed, but it was also nice to know there was something to work and advance towards.

All of the coaches I have interacted with at The Strength Guys have showed how much they truly care about the sport and making lifters better. Through the team programming alone I was able to significantly increase my total, this lead to being able to compete at four collegiate national meets and even the collegiate world cup. I am forever grateful for the hard work and dedication of The Strength Guys and can truly say the team programing they provided changed my life for the best.

Brooke Conley

Unmatched Expertise and Support: TSG's expertise in powerlifting programming is unparalleled.

Their team of coaches possesses a deep understanding of the sport and a wealth of experience in training athletes at various levels. From the moment we engaged with TSG, their support and commitment to our success were evident. Their personalized approach and attention to detail allowed them to tailor the program to our specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and progress.

Kevin Lam

The Strength Guys have played a pivotal role in elevating our university club to new heights of excellence.

Our team comprised a sizable cohort of dedicated athletes possessing a commendable degree of training acumen. However, TSG’s intervention transformed us from a group of individual athletes into a cohesive and elite university-level team.

TSG’s approach entailed working with the entire University Team to identify and address their training needs and weaknesses, and creating personalized programs for each athlete. These programs were augmented by a wealth of resources that enabled our team to acquire and hone new skills. TSG’s uncompromising commitment to excellence was reflected in the rigorous and comprehensive training that they provided, with a focus on preparing us for national and international competitions. Their handling and competition strategy were masterful, which paid dividends in our successes.

Our University Team owes its competitive edge to the invaluable support and guidance we received from TSG. Their coaches were with us every step of the way, providing unwavering encouragement and support. The Strength Guys’ unwavering dedication to their athletes’ strength and success, combined with their expertise in strength training and passion for the sport, have enabled us to achieve great things.

Nick Haddad

TSG has enabled me to surpass all my previous plateaus. Highly recommend!

Before TSG, I experienced about a 1.5 year plateau on all of my lifts. My bench could not break 300lbs, squat was stuck under 400lbs, and I couldn’t push my deadlift past 5 plates. After 1 year with TSG, I had hit 365lbs on bench, 505lbs on squat, and 605lbs on deadlift. They gave me programs that worked for me and they helped to perfect all of my forms. I would recommend TSG to anyone looking to be stronger on or off the platform.

Erik High

Before joining TSG I had no experience powerlifting. With their help I have gained confidence and understanding, not to mention competition wins.

When I first joined the Ohio State Powerlifting Club, I had no idea what powerlifting was. However, once I started the TSG programming, it was very easy to follow and made sense to me as a beginner. Within months, I competed at my first competition and qualified for collegiate nationals. From there, I competed at 3 collegiate nationals (placing 9th, 6th, and 2nd) and one collegiate worlds (1st place). TSG gave me an amazing foundation and base strength, as well as a great gasp of what RPE means. Without TSG programming, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Mary Trabue


Can I choose my coach?

The TSG University Team Coaches are Julianna King, Jayne Jones, Urban Mur and Arian Khamesi. The TSG University Team Powerlifting Expert is John Downing. You may request your Team Coach or be assigned with a  Team Coach based on fit and availability.

How quickly can I get started?

After payment, you’ll be assigned a University Team Coach who will give you a Needs Analysis Form to understand your club’s needs. Once the analysis is done, you’ll have a meeting with your Team Coach to go over the information. Your training programs will be delivered to you within 2 weeks after the initial consultation call.

Do I have to use PayPal?

No, our payments are powered by Paypal behind-the-scenes, but you will have the option to login to PayPal or just pay with your credit card.

How does communication work with my coach?

Limited University Team Coaching communication is through email with your dedicated coach and the Collegiate Powerlifting Expert. All Access team coaching communication is through email and Discord with your Team Coach and Collegiate Powerlifting Expert. Response times will be 72 hours on business days.

Elevate Your Club to Success With Proven Training Solutions

Elevate Your Club to Success With Proven Training Solutions