Mental Skills Coaching

We apply the principles of sports psychology to help you maximize your performance

Work with our sports psychology expert to develop and improve your mindset. Mental skills coaching will teach you to embrace the strengths of your mental approach and overcome your weaknesses to perform better on and off the platform.

Benefits of mental skills coaching

Richmond Baiden STC Powerlifter
  • Develop a stronger mindset for competition and training
  • Build confidence in your sport
  • Learn strategies to control your attention when it matters the most
  • Learn to regulate your thoughts and behavior with mindfulness


"I have been working with Brittney for 6 months, and it is a game changer!"

I really do believe that mental preparation is underrated in sports in general, even more so with individual sports. If you really want to progress and reach new milestones, Brittney can help. I love to work with her and talk with her!”

Lya Bavoil

World Champion and World Record Holder

"Just as physical strength can be improved with regular training and coaching, our mental performance can too."

I have had the good fortune of working with Brittney since 2018. Her education and expertise in Sports Physiology and Mental Performance has helped me develop a winning mindset. On game day I’m confident, composed, and resilient.”

Eric Townsley

3x USAPL National Champion M1 74Kg

“I never knew how much I was lacking as an athlete until I started to work with Brittney."

She’s taught me to visualize and optimize my performance, utilizing tools that have prepared me for optimal training sessions and successful preparation for competitions. There is a before and after Brittney – I’m built differently. Even after a year and a half of working together, I still take something valuable from each session. Athletes of all levels would benefit from working with her.

Laura Estrella

TSG Athlete and IPF competitor

How It works

remote appointments

Get access to mental skills coaching services from the comfort of your own home.

1-ON-1 Care

Receive individualized mental skills coaching during the course of 1-hour video calls.

Mental Skills Training

Receive mental skills and drills to practice inside and outside of the gym following each appointment.

Appointments & Pricing

1 Hour

$125 USD
  • Individualized mental skills coaching through 1 hour video call appointments.

    *** An additional $50 USD fee will be added to your first appointment  to cover a 30-minute initial assessment call. This assessment will be used to develop an individualized plan for your consultation.  Otherwise, much of your first appointment will be used as an assessment rather than solving their problems. ***

5 Hours

$600 USD
  • Individualized mental skills coaching through 1 hour video call appointments.
  • Receive ongoing email correspondence and support to help guide you towards your goals.

10 Hours

$1175 USD
  • Individualized mental skills coaching through 1 hour video call appointments.
  • Receive ongoing email correspondence and support to help guide you towards your goals.

GST applicable for Canadian residents

Who You’ll Be Working With

Brittney Russell
Mental Skills Coach
MA Sports Psychology, Bachelor’s Sport & Exercise Science

Brittney holds a master’s degree in Sport Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science. With nearly 20 years of experience in strength and performance, Brittney has worked as a strength and conditioning coach, powerlifting coach, basketball coach, gym owner, and mental strength coach with high performers such as world-class powerlifters and U.S. military soldiers. Brittney understands the dedication and sacrifices it takes for an athlete to perform at optimal levels consistently and utilizes sport psychology principles to coach and guide athletes towards their performance goals. Her goal as a mental strength coach is to empower, educate, and equip her clients with mental skills and drills to elevate their mindset, improve their confidence, and achieve their greatest potential.


How is this service(mental skills coaching) different from counseling?
Mental skills coaching utilizes the principles of sport psychology to teach athletes, teams, and coaches practical mental skills and drills to improve, enhance, and optimize physical sport performances. Mental skills coaching is not mental health counseling. As mental health counseling and/or therapy uses psychological methods to diagnose and treat mental health issues to help individuals change specific behaviors or overcome psychological disorders.

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something that they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”

Muhammad ali

Supporting Your Performance Every Step Of The Way

Supporting Your Performance Every Step Of The Way