Jason Tremblay The Strength Guys Team
President | Co-founder | Coach
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    • Bachelor of Physical Education (Year 3 - In Progress), Mount Royal University
    • Mount Royal University PFT Certificate
    • Mentorship under Brett Bartholomew
    • Practicum student at The Hill Academy with Dan Noble
    • Personal Trainer, XLR8 Fitness, Calgary, AB
    • Writing Published in Alan Aragon's Research Review, BretContreras.com, Schwarzenegger.com, Gym Magazine
    • Presenter at 2015 EPIC Fitness Summit (UK), 2015 Online Fitness Summit, 2014 Elite Fitness Mentoring
    • Coach of 2016 74 kg Classic Men's Open IPF World Championship Silver Medalist, Gold Medalist in Bench Press
    • Coach of 2016 83 kg Jr. Classic Men's IPF World Championship 4th Place Finisher, Silver Medalist in Squat
    • Coach of 2016 59 kg Classic Men's Open IPF North American Gold Medalist, Canadian National Record Holder in Deadlift
    • Coach of 2015 83 kg Jr. Classic Men's IPF Asia/Oceania Champion & Best Lifter, Asian Record Holder in Squat
    • Coach of 2014 & 2015 74 kg Classic Men's Open USAPL National Champion, National Record Holder in Squat & Total
    • Coach of Multiple 2013, 2014, and 2015 Canadian Powerlifting Silver & Bronze Medalists, Previous National Record Holder in 63 kg Jr. Women's Deadlift
    • NASCAR Driver S&C
    • Developmental Pit Crew Strength & Conditioning (Online) for Stewart Haas Racing


General Manager | Coach
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    • Bachelors Degree of Science in Finance
    • Lengthy sporting and leadership background
    • 3x USAPL National Champion
    • 2nd at the IPF World Championship, earning a Gold in Bench Press and Silver overall
    • National Record Holder in Squat, Bench Press, and Total
    • Silver Medalist at the 2017 IPF World Championship
    • Silver Medalist at the 2016 IPF World Championship
    • Financial Analyst, IBM


Ben Esgro Coach
Coach & Strategist
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    • EDUCATION:  M.S.(c) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Florida,  M.S. Sports Nutrition & Exercise Science, Marywood University.  B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics, West Chester University
    • EXPERIENCE:  6+ years, working with individuals ranging from general population to world champions
    • CREDENTIALS:  Registered/Licensed Dietitian, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    • SPECIALIZATIONS:  Exercise Programming, Nutrition Intervention (General & Special Populations/Clinical), Contest Preparation (Powerlifting or Physique), Exercise Technique
    • RELATED ACTIVITIES:  USAPL Powerlifter, USBF Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder
    • Founder & COO of De Novo Nutrition


Nicola Paviglianiti Profile Photo
Community Relations & Female Athlete Rep
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    • Masters of Science Degree in International Humanitarian Action, University College Dublin (Ireland)
    • Master of Arts Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden)
    • BSc Honours Specialization in Health Sciences, Western University
    • Passionate about female powerlifting and the accessibility of sport, and conducted thesis research on powerlifting in Zimbabwe
    • World traveler (50+ countries)
    • Canadian 52kg Jr National Champion 2016 & 2017
    • IPF Worlds 52kg Jr Silver Medalist 2017 (gold in the squat, silver in the deadlift)
    • Commonwealth Powerlifting Gold Medalist 2017
    • Commonwealth Powerlifting Best Female Junior Lifter 2017
    • Recognized as a 2018 top 30 under 30 in Alberta for International Development Read more


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    • Undergraduate Degree in History from the Ohio State University
    • Masters in Education at the Ohio State University
    • Three High School Women's State team Championships in Ohio 2016, 2015, 2014
    • Coach of The Ohio State University Powerlifting team (2014 to present)
    • Coach of the First ever Men's IPF College World Championship team 2016
      (One Gold Medal, Two Silver, One Bronze)
    • Coach of the First raw college men's team National Champions 2016
    • Former American Record Squat holder 83kg class  Junior 83kg class winner 2013
    • Professional Strength and Conditioning internship The Spot Athletics Summer 2014


Alfred Jong Team TSG Coach
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    • Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, minor in Nutrition
    • Passionate about empowering and leading individuals through coaching
    • 2017 59kg Canadian national champion
    • 2016 NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation) 59 kg Men Open Gold metalist 
    • 2015 Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation 59 kg Men Open Gold metalist (bench only)  
    • 2nd place 2016 Canadian National Championships
    • 3rd place 2015 Canadian National Championships 
    • Co-founder of Rising Strength Team, powerlifting club for athletes  
    • Internationally ranked TaeKwonDo athlete, backup for Team Canada fin weight in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
    • Certified 4th degree black belt
    • Coach for junior and open Takewondo Athletes in Provincial, National and International level competition
    • Coach of 2016 47 kg Classic Women’s Open IPF World Championships
    • Coach of 2016 47 kg Classic Women’s Open 47 kg National Bench Record



Brandon Roberts
Director of Research & Education | Coach
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    • Bachelors in Molecular Biology
    • Masters in Human Performance
    • PhD in Muscle Biology
    • Postdoctoral Fellow studying Muscular Hypertrophy
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
    • Natural Bodybuilder
    • Founder & 1st President of the University of Florida Weightlifting team
    • Fitness writer published in Alan Aragon's Research Review, Strengtheory, Muscle & Strength, STACK, and Sci-fit.net
    • Scientific Author in peer-reviewed journals


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    • Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
    • Pg. Dip in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
    • Certified Sports Nutrition of the International society of sports nutrition
    • Director of Education for Revelation Republic Strength and Conditioning facility
    • Assistant coach of the 2017 74kg Classic Men’s Open IPF world championship Silver Medalist
    • Coach of the 2017 67.5kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship silver medalist
    • Coach of the 2017 82.5kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship bronze medalist
    • Coach of the 2017 48kg Women’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship gold medalist and best overall women lifter
    • Coach of the 2016 60kg Men’s Open GPA world Championship gold medalist and deadlift world record holder
    • Coach of the 2016 42kg Women’s Open GPA Strength Alliance Meet gold medalist world record holder in squat, bench, deadlift and total and runner up for best overall women lifter
    • Coach of the 2016 90kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship gold medalist and national record holder in squat, bench press and deadlift
    • 2015 Sports Nutritionist Intern at Cardiff City Football Club
    • 2015 PhD research assistant in Middlesex University focusing on recovery modalities for endurance runners


Ryan Smith Profile Photo
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    Ryan has been coaching people through fitness and lifestyle change since 2011 and has worked with all walks of life.  He primarily coaches individuals seeking rehabilitation/restorative training, and powerlifting athletes of all experience and skill levels.  Ryan believes that mindset and movement work hand in hand and that through movement, we improve so much more than just “fitness”. In 2016, Ryan alongside his wife Ericka, founded and opened one of Alberta's premiere powerlifting facilities which serves as home base for The Strength Guys Inc in Calgary, AB.

    • Bachelors of Arts, Psychology (Carleton University)
    • Fascial Stretch Therapist – Level 1 (Stretch To Win Institute)
    • Powerlifting Coach – Level 1 (Darby Training Systems)
    • Triggerpoint Therapist Level 1 & 2: Foam Rolling & Myofascial Compression (TPT Therapy)
    • Alberta Powerlifting Union Provincial Team Coach
    • President and Head Coach of "XLR8 Powerlifting" Club
    • Game Day Coach for 50+ Athletes at 13 Meets in the last two years
    • Voted "Best Looking Coach of 2018" at The Strength Guys Inc.


Ericka Smith Social Media
Social Media
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    Ericka (@ericka.xlr8) holds her Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics (Honours Movement Science) and has a Minor in Psychology. She has been working in the health and fitness industry for over five years and has trained a variety of individuals through many fitness domains including strength, endurance, major weight loss, injury rehab and chronic pain management. Although she has been coaching powerlifting for over 3 years, she just started competing in it this year. She also is an avid long distance runner, and has consistently finished in the top 3 for her category in almost every single race. Ericka will be adding to our team through her experience as a coach, social media marketing manager and co-owner of @xlr8fitnessyyc ( XLR8 Fitness ).
    • B.H.K. Honours Movement Science, Minor in Psychology (University of Windsor)
    • Powerlifting Coach - Level 1 (Darby Training Systems)
    • Nutritional Therapist (Health Science Academy)
    • Fascial Stretch Therapist - Level 1 (Stretch to Win Institute)
    • Triggerpoint Therapist - Level 1 & 2: Foam Rolling & Myofascial Compression (Triggerpoint Therapy)


Patrick Song Sport Scientist
Sport Scientist
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    BA, MS.
    Experience in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and most recently as an applied sports science intern at the D1 level.
    Areas of interest include energy system development, data science and athlete monitoring.


Finance Director
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    • Retired IT Professional
    • Career as application programmer and project manager supporting financial, credit card, inventory, HR systems
    • Acquired nickname: "TSG Mom"