2020 Year End Review

TSG 2020 Year End Review

2020 was a year like no other. We’d like to share some of our 2020 Year End Review highlights.

Australian Bush Fire Relief

Australian Wildfire Relief

We began a one week donation campaign at the start of January through our Coaching for a Cause program to provide financial assistance to the NSW Rural Fire Service (@nswrfs) in their fight against the fires. We managed to raise and donate $400 CAD to the organization during this one week campaign.

Athlete Management System Upgrade

Athlete Management System

Our group took another step forward in February when we released the 6th Edition of our Athlete Management System. This tool has opened up more program design & data analysis possibilities than we’ve ever had before. Including advancements in VBT, RPE profiling, and the analysis of training load data.

2020 Year In Review New Coach Vanessa Gale

Welcoming Vanessa Gale to the Team

At the beginning of February we welcomed Dr. Vanessa Gale (@prettystronglife) as our newest coach. Vanessa’s knowledge of the body and of different training techniques, as well as her presence within our community have been a tremendous asset to TSG. We look forward to continuing our work alongside her in the future.

2020 Year End Recap Teresa Parsons Cindy Leighton Nicola Paviglianiti

Canadian Powerlifting Nationals

In March 2020, TSG sent our biggest athlete Team to date to Canadian Powerlifting Nationals held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. TSG Coaches Jason @jasontsg and Alfred @alfredtsg attended to handle and support.

This Nationals proved to be a proud moment and highlight for our Team, including 5 National Champions and a 89% attempt success rate across all our athletes. Firstly, our M1 57kg athlete, @cindy_leighton winning her first M1 debut! TSG also had 4 National Open Champions (@storiesnotselfies, @mark_tbs8, @teresaparsons, @biggestben10). Notably, Ben Langley @biggestben10 successfully defended his 74kg Open National Championship and finished the meet as both the Best Overall Male Lifter, and Best Male Open Lifter across the competition.

Ben Langley Mark Tobias
Ben Langley & Mark Tobias
2020 Year End Recap CPU Nationals Mark Tobias
Mark Tobias

Tyler Wasyluk
Tyler Wasyluk
2020 Year End Recap CPU Nationals
Jason Tremblay, Teresa Parsons, Nicola Paviglianiti, Alfred Jong
2020 Recap Christine Aaron

Internship Program Recap

Another thing that we’re proud of this year is the steps forward that we’ve taken to improve our internship program. Each of our staff members has benefitted from having excellent mentors throughout their careers. In 2020 we improved how we are paying the mentorships we’ve received forward through group discussions and work on exciting new projects. Here is a list of what interns @tyler_hakamaki, @christinetrac, @aaron_edgley, @urbanmur, @7ann0, and @igorshvartsman and staff @alfredtsg, @jasontsg and @prettystronglife have worked on or discussed in the past year:

– Creating a calculator to perform meet math & projections

– Content creation for @PositionsOfPower about the fundamental theory of why specificity and variation are important for training.

– Exploring the ins & outs of programming, video analysis, client communication, and organization.

– Working with our 8-week training athletes @b.e.n.j.e.w_ & @jlu_lifts to apply learning into practice.

– Viewing the construction of the Calgary Flames 2021 Sports Science Hub

– Analysis of 2019-20 performance data to create statistical categories for the 2021 Flames season

– Transfer of historical data to the 2021 Sports Science Hub for the upcoming Flames season.

The internship program has been a pleasure to lead and we look forward to having it around schedules permitting for a long, long time to come. Thank you to Tyler, Christine, Aaron, Urban, Tanno, and Igor as well as Alfred and Vanessa for their contributions to our internship calls.

Urban Mur
2020 Recap Tanno De Pender
2020 Year End Review Igor Shvartsman
2020 Year In Review Jason U of C
Jason Tremblay Conducting Lecture at University of Calgary
2020 Year End Review Virtual Meet Champs

Virtual Powerlifting Meet

In October 2020, TSG hosted 49 competitors from 4 different continents in our first ever online powerlifting meet.  A panel of 12 volunteer IPF International referees judged videos to create a fair and world class competition experience. Notably, we had 11 Zimbabwe athletes participate, providing an accessible global meet with our charity partner Lift4Life Worldwide

2020 Year In Review Taylor Atwood

Record Breaking Performance of Taylor Atwood

TSG Athlete @t_atwood became the first 74 kg lifter to break the 800 kg mark. At 73.7 kg bodyweight he hit an incredible 293 kg (NR) squat, 199 kg (NR) bench, and 320 kg (NR) deadlift to total 812 kg (119.46 GL) ranking him 2nd all time in @theipf rankings behind Jesse Norris.

2020 Year End Recap Heidi Lewis

Record Breaking Performance of Heidi Lewis

TSG Athlete @heidistrong_  competed in the 84+ Female Junior Class and went 9/9 with all white lights. She hit huge PR’s including a 240.5kg deadlift which was a Junior American deadlift record, unofficial World Record, and was the 10th heaviest in the IPF across all female lifters. Heidi’s powerlifting journey has been supported by numerous TSG Coaches along the way, and very special was the fact this meet marked exactly 5 years to the day from her first USAPL meet in 2015.

2020 Year End Evie Corrigan

Record Breaking Performance of Evie Corrigan

TSG Athlete @beeevie win the 57 kg Female Open Class at New Zealand Nationals. Evie’s hard work and persistence paid off with personal bests in Squat (168kg), Bench Press (96.5kg) and Deadlift (200kg). Her total of 464.5 kg is the 3rd highest total ever recorded in the 57 kg weight class, and is 8 kg under the current world record!

Did You Enjoy Our 2020 Year End Review?

We would like to thank our athletes, TSG Team, and supporters for an incredible year. Looking forward to 2021.

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