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December 17, 2018

Congratulations Nicola | Athlete in Excellence Grant Recipient 

Everyone at The Strength Guys would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Nicola Paviglianiti  to be recognized by The Foundation for Global Sports Development as a 2018 Athlete in Excellence.…/2018-athletes-in-exce…/

Nicola’s announcement from social media:

Its a big deal, as the elite athletic award comes with a $10,000 unrestricted cash grant. A big deal, because with this award big dreams can become big actions & impact. 

Having a humanitarian heart comes with A LOT of self doubt, financial insecurity (volunteer work doesn’t pay the bills), heartbreak, and loneliness. People see accomplishments and highlights, but not the tears, hours of work and time, and sacrifices that come with never giving up and following your heart. 

This award will allow me to continue to pursue my passion for powerlifting and uplifting communities with Lift4life. I have my sights on building and supporting community gyms in Kenya come summer 2019 – so stay tuned ?

The majority of the world wasn’t born into the privilage and opportunities I was, and I was given a special gift of strength to use for good. I do what I do to make a difference and take action because I can, and I’m continuing to go all in with a focus like never before. ?

I am feeling so grateful for this award and everyone who continues to support me around the world. A big thanks to John C. Downing who took me in under Lift4Life, my mom Kerri Paviglianiti & boyfriend Ben Langley(who have both even travelled across the world to help me in Zimbabwe!), my fam and friends and so many people who continue to inspire me and believe in me #GratefulGains

Check out this link to read up on the 9 other inspiring recipients from across the globe and more about the award –…/2018-athletes-in-exce…/

Nicola is a valuable member of Our TSG Team  as our Community Relations & Female Athlete Rep.   Nicola formed a unique community within TSG called The Strength Gals and formalized a partnership between The Strength Guys and Lift4Life we call  Coaching For A Cause
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Ready To Reach the next level in your performance?