Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach TSG Silver Sponsor

Kimberly Walford Joining Lift4Life Outreach Trip to Zimbabwe

Kimberly Walford @trackfu and 12 other powerlifters from around the world will be joining Lift4Life Outreach event on the ground in Harare, Zimbabwe. They will spend their time together learning from one another via powerlifting workshops at Lift4Life donated gyms  They will also host a big community powerlifting meet where youth scholarships will be awarded combining academics and athletics.  The Strength Guys are proud to be Silver Sponsors for this event.

Lift4Life empowers marginalized communities through strength training and the sport of powerlifting. They work together with communities to address local needs and make sport accessible to all.


TSG Silver Sponsor

We have been working closely with Lift4Life  and we’re excited to be an official event Silver Sponsor for the upcoming outreach trip with Kimberly Walford    They are hosting a huge powerlifting meet in Zimbabwe on July 21st we are excited to be a part of. .

We have been working as a partner to the charity since its founding, and through our Coaching For A Cause initiative we have been supporting Lift4Life and the use of powerlifting within communities around the world that need it most.

A portion of all athlete fees go directly to the charity, and our team has been able to support a number of lifters in marginalized communities through scholarships and funding gym donation. If you are interested in becoming a TSG athlete, check out our COACHING SERVICES or CONTACT US for more information.

Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach Event

Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach Event in Zimbabwe