Lift4Life Kim To Zim Outreach Trip

The Strength Guys Silver Sponsor for Outreach Trip

TSG recently sponsored the Lift4Life Kim ( Kimberly Walford ) To Zim Outreach trip. We received the following thank you note today. It’s great to read the impact for the community in Zimbabwe and especially the females.

Lift4Life Kim To Zim Outreach Trip

Lift4Life Outreach Trip Team Thank You Note

“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for The Strength Guy’s formal Silver Sponsorship and donation that went towards Zimbabwe and the recent Lift4Life Outreach Powerlifting meet on July 21st.

It was nothing short of magical! We were able to provide 30 youth lifters from all across Harare the chance to step on the platform, a huge event open for all in the community, a free banquet celebration including a healthy nutritious meal (something these lifters often don’t get), and numerous awards and scholarships that went directly to helping them attend school. 

We were able to have significant impact within the trip with Kimberly Walford working within our communities (I could write essays for days!) but if you are interested in a complete recap you can check out this blog outlining the days and what we did – . A big focus of the trip was addressing stereotypes and barriers to female lifting, and on Day 4 we worked in the community of Epworth to donate 60 re-usable sanitary pad kits to help some of our young female lifters manage their periods and keep going to the gym (a need identified by the community we were able to help with. as many of them can’t afford pads on a regular basis and resort to using cow dung / garbage to stop their flow). 

I’m still waiting on some of the photos and videos but this video is of the meet squats , and this album contains some photos of the meet to give you an idea of what we were able to create – A local photographer and videographer were hired as a means to provide employment and allow them to showcase their communities, but with a lack of reliable internet uploads have been slow going getting the rest of the photos and footage…. But wanted to share these with you in the mean time!

Last week we had 89 youth show up in the community of Glen Norah for a powerlifting workshop hosted by Audrey. Which is insane and so exciting for us, and it looks like I have my work cut out for me this coming year to grow and expand and build more equipment. 

None of this would have been possible without super start supporters and sponsors of the trip like you. Thank you for your continuous donations and support. “

Coaching For A Cause

Every month, a portion of athlete fees is donated to Lift4Life to provide youth scholarships in Zimbabwe. Read more about our Coaching For A Cause sponsorship. We look forward to sponsoring future Lift4Life outreach trips.

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