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TSG Coaching Dream Team

December 2, 2018

Coaching Dream Team Featured on KOTL Podcast

On Nov. 21, 2018,  Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro sat down with 6 Pack Lapadat and Paul Maranzan of King of the Lifts to discuss attempt selection, athlete monitoring and building our own coaching applications, how we’re implementing velocity-based training into Taylor Atwood’s program, and what the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Powerlifting could mean. Jason and Ben stressed the value of working as a team – the coaching dream team!

“Amongst the most sought after coaches in the World, The Strength Guys, join 6 Pack Lapadat & Paul Maranzan to discuss the next level of programming, why RPE is failing you, why templates are lazy, why coaching off data feedback is a must, how to properly pick attempts, why a team of coaches will always beat a solo operation, and what is the next big step powerlifting programming will take that will change the game once again!”

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Ready to Reach the next level in your performance?

Ready To Reach the next level in your performance?