TSG’s Lift4Life Donation

TSG Lift4Life Donation

TSG is excited to announce that our team officially made our first Lift4Life donation  through our #CoachingForACause partnership! Our donations will be put towards funding local lifter scholarships in Zimbabwe. We will be helping young and deserving lifters pursue their education and provide them livelihood opportunities through powerlifting. 

 TSG’s Lift4Life Donation
Through our partnership, a portion of ALL monthly athlete fees from our coaching services are donated to help support powerlifting in areas of the world that need the sport the most. We look forward to sharing the stories of the scholarship recipients in the weeks to come! 
Interested in becoming the best athlete you can be?
Interested in becoming the best athlete you can be, while also supporting other athletes? Check out our  Coaching & Consulting Services where a portion of the fee goes directly to Lift4Life, or you can make a donation on our behalf on the Lift4Life website to help us reach our goal. 
More to come in June
TSG’s Community Relations Rep, Nicola Paviglianiti will be in Zimbabwe in a couple of weeks and will work closely with the young lifters to make a difference.  Stay tuned as our story unfolds.
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