USAPL Nationals 2018 | TSG Team Is Looking Stronger Than Ever

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October 9, 2018

USAPL Nationals TSG Team #Bluetakeover

USAPL Nationals is coming up!  And our TSG Team USA is looking stronger & more ready than ever Check out our roster and a small preview to the powerlifting platform.

Carlton Wan @bacon4prs – New York State Open & Junior 66 kg Record Holder in the Deadlift.    Taylor Atwood @t_atwood – 2018 IPF World Champion & Record Holder in Total, Arnold Classic Grand Prix Champion, 4x USAPL National Champion, National Record Holder in Squat, Bench Press, & Total.

Rob Ali @robalistrength – Winner of Pennsylvania State Championships.

Sean Moser @seanmoser19 – 2018 Arnold Classic Pro American Champion, 2016 IPF Collegiate World Champion, Jr. National Record Holder in Bench Press.

Lauren Hite @miss_mx – Alaska State Champion, Winner of the American Open.

Eli Burks @eliburks3 – 2016 IPF World Champion, 2017 Arnold Classic Grand Prix Champion, 2015 USAPL National Champion & National Record Holder in Deadlift.

The world better watch out for a huge #BlueTakeOver!   If you are interested in becoming a TSG athlete, click here







Ready to Reach the next level in your performance?

Ready To Reach the next level in your performance?