Our Team

Jason Tremblay | President & Co-Founder


  • Bachelor of Physical Education (Year 3 - In Progress)
  • Mount Royal University PFT Certificate
  • Associate at Bartholomew Strength
  • S&C Internship at Unbreakable Performance Center, West Hollywood
  • Writing Published in Alan Aragon's Research Review, BretContreras.com, Schwarzenegger.com, Gym Magazine
  • Presenter at 2015 EPIC Fitness Summit, 2015 Online Fitness Summit, 2014 Elite Fitness Mentoring
  • Coach of 2016 74 kg Classic Men's Open IPF World Championship Silver Medalist, Gold Medalist in Bench Press
  • Coach of 2016 83 kg Jr. Classic Men's IPF World Championship 4th Place Finisher, Silver Medalist in Squat
  • Coach of 2016 59 kg Classic Men's Open IPF North American Gold Medalist, Canadian National Record Holder in Deadlift
  • Coach of 2015 83 kg Jr. Classic Men's IPF Asia/Oceania Champion & Best Lifter, Asian Record Holder in Squat
  • Coach of 2014 & 2015 74 kg Classic Men's Open USAPL National Champion, National Record Holder in Squat & Total
  • Coach of Multiple 2013, 2014, and 2015 Canadian Powerlifting Silver & Bronze Medalists, Previous National Record Holder in 63 kg Jr. Women's Deadlift
  • NASCAR Driver S&C
  • Developmental Pit Crew Strength & Conditioning for Stewart Haas Racing

Taylor Atwood | General Manager

  • Bachelors Degree of Science in Finance
  • Lengthy sporting and leadership background
  • 2x USAPL National Champion
  • 2nd at the IPF World Championship, earning a Gold in Bench Press and Silver overall
  • National Record Holder in Squat, Bench Press, and Total
  • Silver Medalist at the 2016 IPF World Championship
  • Financial Analyst, IBM

Alfred Jong | Coach & Human Resources

  • Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, minor in Nutrition
  • Passionate about empowering and leading individuals through coaching
  • 2017 59kg Canadian national champion
  • 2016 NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation) 59 kg Men Open Gold metalist 
  • 2015 Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation 59 kg Men Open Gold metalist (bench only)  
  • 2nd place 2016 Canadian National Championships
  • 3rd place 2015 Canadian National Championships 
  • Co-founder of Rising Strength Team, powerlifting club for athletes  
  • Internationally ranked TaeKwonDo athlete, backup for Team Canada fin weight in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Certified 4th degree black belt
  • Coach for junior and open Takewondo Athletes in Provincial, National and International level competition
  • Coach of 2016 47 kg Classic Women’s Open IPF World Championships
  • Coach of 2016 47 kg Classic Women’s Open 47 kg National Bench Record

John Downing | Coach & Chief Content Editor

  • Undergraduate Degree in History from the Ohio State University
  • Masters in Education at the Ohio State University
  • Three High School Women's State team Championships in Ohio 2016, 2015, 2014
  • Coach of The Ohio State University Powerlifting team (2014 to present)
  • Coach of the First ever Men's IPF College World Championship team 2016
    (One Gold Medal, Two Silver, One Bronze)
  • Coach of the First raw college men's team National Champions 2016
  • Former American Record Squat holder 83kg class  Junior 83kg class winner 2013
  • Professional Strength and Conditioning internship The Spot Athletics Summer 2014

Dr. Brandon Roberts | Coach & Research Consultant

  • Bachelors in Molecular Biology
  • Masters in Human Performance
  • PhD in Muscle Biology
  • Postdoctoral Fellow studying Muscular Hypertrophy
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • Natural Bodybuilder
  • Founder & 1st President of the University of Florida Weightlifting team
  • Fitness writer published in Alan Aragon's Research Review, Strengtheory, Muscle & Strength, STACK, and Sci-fit.net
  • Scientific Author in peer-reviewed journals

Kedric Kwan | Coach

  • Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
  • Pg. Dip in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
  • Certified Sports Nutrition of the International society of sports nutrition
  • Director of Education for Revelation Republic Strength and Conditioning facility
  • Assistant coach of the 2017 74kg Classic Men’s Open IPF world championship Silver Medalist
  • Coach of the 2017 67.5kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship silver medalist
  • Coach of the 2017 82.5kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship bronze medalist
  • Coach of the 2017 48kg Women’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship gold medalist and best overall women lifter
  • Coach of the 2016 60kg Men’s Open GPA world Championship gold medalist and deadlift world record holder
  • Coach of the 2016 42kg Women’s Open GPA Strength Alliance Meet gold medalist world record holder in squat, bench, deadlift and total and runner up for best overall women lifter
  • Coach of the 2016 90kg Men’s Open GPA Malaysian Powerlifting Championship gold medalist and national record holder in squat, bench press and deadlift
  • 2015 Sports Nutritionist Intern at Cardiff City Football Club
  • 2015 PhD research assistant in Middlesex University focusing on recovery modalities for endurance runners

Anthony Walker | Vice President & Co-Founder

  • Competitive Powerlifter
  • Mount Royal University Personal Fitness Training Certificate
  • NCCP level 1 Olympic Weightlifting