Individualized monthly training program

Movement preparation (warm-up) protocol

Conditioning and energy system development (if needed)

Access to TSG Resources manual

Access to the private TSG community for resources and discusses (Facebook required)

Program Design Only
$125 USD*
per month

Monthly e-mail consultation with your coach

Competition strategy (Powerlifters only)

Program Design & Coaching
$175 USD*
per month

Unlimited e-mail correspondence with your coach

Weekly skill analysis (video or picture) with coaching and instruction

Competition strategy (attempt selection for powerlifting)

Posing instruction (physique competitors only)

Nutrition & Weight Management
$175 USD*
per month

Individualized nutrition program

Unlimited e-mail correspondence with your coach

Weekly nutrition monitoring and plan adjustments (as needed)

Supplement recommendations

Competition weight management strategy (weigh-in protocols)

Competition nutrition strategy (physique competitors only)

Training & Nutrition Coaching
$245 USD*
per month

All Program Design & Coaching features

All Nutrition & Weight Management features

Overall competition strategy (attempt selection and weigh-in protocols for powerlifting)

Overall competition strategy (physique competitors only)

* Discounts Available

4 months

8 months

12 months

Program Design Only

$475 USD

$900 USD

$1275 USD

Program Design & Coaching

$665 USD

$1260 USD

$1785 USD

Nutrition & Weight Management

$665 USD

$1260 USD

$1785 USD

Training & Nutrition Coaching

$931 USD


$2499 USD

  • You must pay 1st and last month upfront, no refunds.  Remaining coaching fees can be paid monthly
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount

The "Collective" Elite Coaching By Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro

World Champions Taylor Atwood, Jure Rus and Eli Burks are Collective athletes as well as several others.

If you are interested in joining The "Collective" team of athletes, please email for details.

Collective Coaching Jason Tremblay Ben Esgro with Taylor Atwood
Collective Coaching Jason Tremblay Ben Esgro with Eli Burks
Collective Coaching Jason Tremblay Ben Esgro with Jure Rus
* NEW * Performance Analysis Add-On
$75 USD

One time fee to add on to your existing service

Regardless of if you are looking to begin your consultation with TSG or if you’d like to brush up on your movement skills, the Dartfish Performance Analysis Add-On is for you. TSG Coach Jason Tremblay has been personally trained in the use of Dartfish TeamPro for Powerlifting under the guidance of Director of Biomechanics and Video Analysis for the Canadian Sport Institute, Pro Stergiou.

For the reduced rate of $75 USD (first month) added on to your service payment for any of our coaching packages, you can benefit from the gold standard technology in video analysis from one of our World Champion coaches on staff.

  • Dartfish Analysis & Video Commentary with coaching and instruction for your 3 skills of choice.
  • Written report of movement proficiencies & deficiencies along with instructions and cueing.
  • Video analysis footage collection guidelines.
  • TSG Game Performance Assessment Instruments (Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift only) to guide your self-teaching and analysis.


TSG Coaching Services

Meet Day Coaching

Meet day coaching can be arranged, but athlete responsible for all travel expenses.  

  • Payment Details
    • GST applicable for Canadian residents
    • Canadian residents will be billed in CAD
    • $5/mo will be donated to Lift4Life Coaching For A Cause
    • Automated payment plans available through PayPal or Square
 **Our team is proud to support the charity Lift4Life through our services. Every month, $5 of your athlete fees are directly donated to build and sponsor a TSG community gym in Zimbabwe as well as student scholarships.**
        TSG Lift4life Fharity Partnership                                   Check out our impact here.        



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