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TSG has and continues to work with athletes in all sports. Enjoy our clients’ success stories in these testimonials.

Join our story! The Strength Guys has and continues to work with diverse athletes in all sports. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, general fitness enthusiast, football player, etc. Read what our clients have to say as they share their success stories.

SSPT emphatically recommends The Strength Guys (TSG) for powerlifting coaching.  Jason Tremblay has assembled an incredible team of professionals catering to the various needs of powerlifters from novice to elite.

Their track record precedes them, and you need to look no further than the plethora of world-class lifters they produce, including world champions and record holders who consistently execute at the highest levels and uphold a standard of excellence.  TSG leaves no stone unturned in their ability to provide expertise in technique coaching/video analysis, mentoring/consultations, guided and custom programming, and game day coaching.  We have collaborated with TSG throughout the years with tremendous success and look forward to our future joint endeavors.

Matt Gary & Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary
2016-2018 USAPL National Team Coaches
Supreme Sports Performance & Training

Matt Sioux-Z Gary Jason Tremblay Taylor Atwood Testimonial
Scott & Taylor Atwood, Matt & Sioux-Z Gary, Jason Tremblay

I have worked closely with Jason for over a year on the development of our Sport Science Hub and platform. The knowledge and technical skill that he brings to the table has been an asset for us at the Calgary Flames. He possesses the ability to pragmatically move theory into structured real-world application. He is helping to push our Sport Science department to a new level of professionalism. In addition to his contributions to our Sport Science department, he was instrumental in the delivery of our 2019 off-season training to all of our professional hockey players based in the Calgary area.


Last summer, we had the pleasure of having Jason intern with us at the Calgary Flames. Jason’s work in visualizing sport science data was like nothing I have ever seen. He was able to completely customize an Athlete Monitoring System that visualized all the data we collect on dozens of players at various times throughout the year in a very digestible, esthetically pleasing way. With this, it facilitated analyzing our data and creating very professionally designed reports. These reports generated an athlete profile to get a big picture view of the athlete’s physical strengths and weaknesses and monitor change throughout the season and off-season. Jason’s analytical mind sparked great conversations and challenged us to think of how we can use objective data to optimize physical development and sport performance.


I have been working out for 25 years and experienced numerous setbacks & injuries along the way. I started training with The Strength Guys in December of 2012 with goals of getting stronger, improving muscle definition, and avoiding pain. After 3 months of training I was able to progress into full range of motion with Bench Presses for the first time in 10 years, as well as full depth back squats with no pain. Recently, I have been able to add 40 lbs to my Deadlift 1RM as well. I have made more progress and regained useful strength from past injuries than I thought was possible within the timeframe that we have been working together and am happy with the training that I have received

Mark Martin,
2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee
3rd place finish in 2013 Daytona 500
Mark Martin NASCAR Legend
Mark Martin poses during portraits for the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Daytona International Speedway on February 14, 2013 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Chris Graythen/NASCAR via Getty Images)

Jason Tremblay has been working with me for the last year and a half and is someone I hold in the highest regards. I firmly accredit being on top of the latest findings in strength and conditioning research, nutrition, and sports medicine to get to the position I am in today. Jason Tremblay and his business pride themselves on being informed and acting off of the latest knowledge available in these fields. Jason wore many hats in working with me, whether as a consultant, coach, or friend. During his time as an intern with Brett Bartholomew at the Unbreakable Performance Centre, he often would either train with the elite group (made up of professional athletes across different sports) or assist in coaching one or many segments of our training period. During that time and especially after my time with Unbreakable had ended, I would bounce ideas off of Jason. We would conclude after he would inform me what the latest research findings dictate, whether it was training, nutrition, or sports medicine-related. When I went through an injury in college, Jason stepped out of his comfort zone to find out what I could do to recover faster and protect myself and return to sport.
or assist in coaching one or many segments of our training period. During that time and especially after my time with Unbreakable had ended, I would bounce ideas off of Jason and we would come to conclusion after he would inform me what the latest research findings dictate, whether it was training related, nutrition related, or sports medicine related. When I went through an injury in college, Jason stepped out of his comfort zone to find out what I could do to recover faster and protect myself and return to sport.

If you are someone looking to step up your training, or improve yourself, Jason is a guy that will get you there.

Ante Milanovic-Litre,
Canadian Football League Running Back for the Calgary Stampeders
Grey Cup Champion
Ante Milanovic-Litre

I have been an athlete with The Strength Guys for just over two years. I had the exciting chance to join the team though The Strength Gals athlete sponsorship. When I started working with TSG, I was coached jointly by Ben Esgro and Jason Tremblay. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of coaches. Even though our communication was predominantly online, they both took the time to engage with me to build a relationship. I will always appreciate the time they both put into making sure things were being communicated to me in a way I could understand. The combined efforts and expertise of Ben and Jason helped me grow immensely as a lifter and athlete. They provided me the tools I needed to build confidence in myself on the platform that I never had before. I feel like I can truly enjoy every minute of competition without ever having to doubt my readiness. I have recently shifted to having Jason as my primary coach with some collaborative input from other TSG coaching staff members. Jason has always been a fantastic communicator. He continually gives me constructive feedback and makes any necessary changes to my training that I need to progress. He has always ensured that I am healthy, enjoying my training, and making strength gains. Through the ups and downs of training, Jason is a positive voice of reason to give me the advice or encouragement I need. Overall, I love being part of the TSG team. I view them as leaders in powerlifting coaching and respect their desire to learn and grow continuously.

Teresa Parsons
2019 63 kg CPU Silver Medalist
2019 63 kg IPF World Championship 5th Place
2020 63 kg CPU National Champion

Teresa Parsons Jason Tremblay Testimonial
Teresa Parsons

I had the honor of joining the TSG family in the summer of 2017 when I was desperately seeking guidance on how I could improve my numbers and achieve my goal of competing on the USA National Team.  Fortunately enough, under the guidance of Jason, Ben and Kedric, I was able to do just that, and compete in the 2019 IPF Bench Press World Championships.

Admittedly so, the road wasn’t easy from the demanding schedule of being an international pilot, to the minor injuries and the associated mental and physical fatigue.  Through it all my coaches at TSG were amazing!  Training at this level can be extremely demanding, both emotionally and physically, and I could always count on them to find strength.  TSG truly provided the perfect combination of coaching that was challenging, honest, and motivating.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to train under my coaches at TSG, and I’m beyond grateful for the growth I’ve seen in myself both as an athlete and a person. Thank you to everyone at TSG!

Quentin Myers
2017 59 kg USAPL Silver Medalist
2018 66 kg USAPL National Champion
2019 66 kg IPF Bench Press World Championship
2019 66 kg NAPF North American Bench Press Champion & Best Lifter

Quentin Myers USAPL Bench Champ TSG Success Stories
Quentin Myers

Shortly after meeting Jason and Ben at the 2018 SBD Grand Prix (Arnold Classic USA) I joined The Strength Guys. In the months leading to that competition, I went through a transition phase of life where I went from being a full-time student to starting my professional career. With new responsibility and daily stressors, there was less time to focus on training, and I started looking for someone that would completely take over my programming and training structure.

Jason and Ben did that superbly, and I started to enjoy my training sessions again fully. Despite the hectic lifestyle and having less time to focus on training and powerlifting in general, we have managed to make some good progress. We have had some setbacks due to minor injuries in between. If anything, however, this has made me even more connected with the team. Jason made it a priority to get me back in track as soon as possible and reinforced a positive attitude towards powerlifting every time.

Collaborating with The Strength Guys has made me both a better athlete and a better person, and I cannot stress it enough how grateful I am that they accepted me into the team.

Jure Rus
2019 83 kg Slovenian National Champion
2019 83 kg IPF World Championship 10th Place
2019 83 kg EPF Continental Championship 5th Place & Silver Medalist in the Squat

Jure Rus Success Story
Jure Rus

I first joined The Strength Guys in 2018 in hopes that they will train me back into top shape as I was regressing through the past years and have been dealing with chronic knee pain. Jason has been my coach and mentor ever since I joined the team.

Not only does Jason care for my training, but he is also always timely with his email communication though we are about 14hrs apart in time. He communicates with concise information that is easy to comprehend and nitpicks on areas that I have to improve on. Jason has shown me the direction but never dictates it and allows me to navigate my way to the endpoint. This way, I learned from the process and gained better knowledge while challenging my methodology.

An internship opportunity with The Strength Guys popped up during 2018. The guidance of Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro enlightened me on how they planned programs for different athlete profiles from elite powerlifters, bodybuilders to the general population. We had meetings and discussions done at 1-2 am in Singapore time. It was tiring, but it was worth it and an internship of a lifetime!

During my internship, TSG provided me with the opportunity to work with the Ohio State University Powerlifting Team. A handful showed dominance in the sport and walked away as winners. We even won the Overall Best Lifter award and the Best Team award in Collegiate Nationals. These achievements were made easy with the help of an Athlete Management System created by Jason to track and manage all athlete’s data using daily and training stressors.

I am always appreciative of the doors that Jason had open for me, and to this day, he is always there for me and always encourages me to shoot for the moon.

Jonathan Chua
Member of 2018 Internship Class
Coach for The Strength Guys Inc.

Jonathan Chua Testimonial Internship
Jonathan Chua

Lift4Life Worldwide is a global charity that uses strength training and the formal sport of powerlifting as a vehicle to empower communities regardless of gender, race, religion, ability, age and socio-economic status. The Strength Guys has been a supporter since its beginning in 2015, and in 2018 became a formal partner through “Coaching for a Cause“. The initiative to date has created sustainable and impactful change for the organization and communities within which Lift4Life works. The Strength Guys Team provides donations through coaching fees, as well as coaching and resources. The involvement has enabled the building of local gym equipment, hosting dozens of local meets and opportunities, as well as the coaching of international athletes. The result has been hundreds of lifters impacted, and sustainable positive change through sport for the years to come. 

John Downing, Lift4Life Founder & Board Chair
Nicola Paviglianiti, Lift4Life Executive Director & Team Lead.
Lift4Life Nicola Zimbabwe
Nicola Paviglianiti in Zimbabwe
Lift4Life TSG Youth Scholarship
Nicola & Ben Presenting Youth Scholarship in Zimbabwe

It all started back in May of 2013, when I reached out to Layne Norton in regard to training and nutrition for natural bodybuilding. After we talked and went over rates, I had realized that it was just too much for me financially at the time and would need to be referred to another coach. The first coach Layne had referred me to was Jason Tremblay.

Jason and I had begun training shortly thereafter and we immediately clicked. The personal attention I had gotten was impressive to say the least, as he would answer his emails promptly and with great efficiency. Attentiveness was obviously a very high standard he upheld as a coach. As the months and eventually years went by, I clearly had added a TON of lean tissue to my frame, as well as increasing my strength greatly on all of my lifts. I actually couldn’t believe how much I was growing, even after only 6 months. Not only that, but I had learned more about exercise science training under Jason than I had ever learned in my entire life. He was not only my coach, but was and still is a great teacher and mentor.

My exercise science, nutrition and coaching game has leveled up exponentially and I was able to apply that to my own clients as well. It really has been an amazing experience to say the least. Fast forward to September of 2017, we are now in contest prep getting ready for our first show together, which will be the 2018 INBF Hercules WNBF Pro-Qualifier. We have been working with each other for almost 4.5 years now, and I am as confident as ever that I will bring my absolute best package to the stage.

I just really want to thank Jason and The Strength Guys for everything that they’ve done for me. My career as a trainer and an athlete has been greatly accelerated due to my work with them and I could not be more grateful. Here is to many more successful years as an athlete and a fitness professional with Jason and the rest of the team!

Gary Amlinger
WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder
Gary Amlinger Bodybuilder Success Story
Gary Amlinger

I met Jason in Helsingborg Sweden at the 2019 Classic World Championships and became a client of his shortly afterward. I was highly impressed by the TSG team and their evidence-based, customized approach to programming and how they corresponded with athletes online. Working with Jason has been incredible! Together, we successfully defended my M1 74 kg National title at the 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals in convincing fashion. His devotion to my success and his creativity and attention to detail has me on a path to reach my full potential.

Eric Townsley
2020 74 kg M1 USAPL National Champion

Eric Townsley, Coach Jason Tremblay, Matt Gary
Jason Tremblay, Eric Townsley and Matt Gary

As a new lifter, I was really nervous to start training with The Strength Gals. At the start I kept second  guessing everything I was doing as I always thought I wasnt good enough to be trained. But I was brave, trusted the process, and put in the work and kept seeing results and improvements in my lifting. The Strength Gals took me for whom I am and concentrated on making me better, never letting me feel like I couldn’t accomplish my goals and dreams in the sport. In fact, I most recently won the first ever gold medal for Zimbabwe Powerlifting competing in the 72kg female open bench only at the 2019 African Championships. The way the training is setup and customized makes it easy for me to balance life and everything and stay committed. The team has great knowledge of what to do. I cannot say enough good things, and I am extremely happy with my experience with The Strength Gals and I do not plan on stopping any time soon.

Audrey Svongwa
72 kg 2019 Arnold Classic Africa 72 kg Competitor & Bench Press Only Champion
Inaugural Zimbabwe International Team Member & Coach at 2019 Arnold Classic Africa

Audrey Svongwa Zimbabwe Lift4Life Strength Gal Testimonial
Audrey Svongwa

So I’ve been with TSG since July 2018 (times flies!), and it has been a great decision if you’re serious about your progress. I wanted a coaching company that I could trust, grow as an athlete, learn as a coach, and belong to many lifters worldwide. I am very pleased how Jason has been handling me over the past two years with great PR’s, but the best part is that I’m injury-free.

Great response time! My programs are always there! And if for some (human reason) the coach can’t deliver, another coach is going to do it for you (teamwork). That’s something I appreciate a lot because in the past I had bad experiences.

TSG staff are great human beings, behind awesome excel sheets (best out there), care about you, pay attention to details, and make you accountable.

I also started working my nutrition with Kedric since December 2019, and it has also been a great decision. To give that responsibility to someone else is great because you play the’ athlete roll’ and that for me is what I wanted. I can’t be happier enough with that combo of coaches (Jason and Kedric).

I recommend TSG to anyone who wants to earn their results and take his training, nutrition, or the next level.

Hector Ceballos
Client of TSG’s Program Design & Coaching, and Nutrition & Weight Management Services
Co-Host of 2019 Get Your Power Forum 3.0 in Santo Domingo

Hector Cellbalos Testimonial
Jason Tremblay & Hector Ceballos

I have been coached by Jason and TSG for more than a year now, and I must say it is a night and day difference from anything I have done before. Before joining TSG, I was only using program templates and not so tailored programs for about three years, accomplishing some decent progress. Nevertheless, as I evolved in my powerlifting career, I realized that I needed an expert help to get to the next level.

In April 2019, Jason came to the Dominican Republic for a two-day powerlifting seminar. There I learned how advanced and science-based the TSG team is. From the creation of their programs to the attention of technique, I saw them ahead of the game, so I decided to join TSG under Jason’s coaching. Effectively, we managed to correct technique and make significant progress, allowing me to hit heavier weights with much more efficiancy.

A gratifying and eye-opening experience was my last competition. About four months after being coached by Jason, I managed to go 9/9, getting first place in my weight division and first place overall, with a 90 pounds meet personal record.

In short, Jason and TSG have been instrumental in my progress as a powerlifting athlete. Their programming, technique assessment, and overall guidance have significantly elevated my performance. I am confident that with continued hard work, I would be able to continue my progress and hopefully represent the Dominican Republic in an international setting.

Abraham Liriano
Client of TSG’s Program Design & Coaching Service
Attendee of 2019 Get Your Power Forum 3.0 in Santo Domingo

Abraham Liriano Powerlifter Success Story
Abraham Liriano

Vanessa has taught me a lot about powerlifting, and even more about what it means to be true to yourself and live a healthy, balanced life. She has coached me through three powerlifting meets, a broken index finger, and more life transitions than I can count. Vanessa truly lives by her coaching philosophy, making each and every one of her athletes feel strong, empowered, and valued. She takes the time to get to know her athletes both inside and outside of the gym, and it shows when it comes time for the platform. That’s what sets her apart from the rest.


I really enjoyed the 6-week program! I feel that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a solid structured workout that I looked forward to doing each week. I have not only gained strength in all 3 lifts but have gained confidence in the gym and under the bar.

Jessica R.

Entering the Powerlifting world can be extremely intimidating. The Strength Gals enabled me to begin my Powerlifting journey with confidence and support. Thanks to the Strength Gals program and coaches, I’ve grown as a lifter, and continue to push myself every day.

Kristen C.

After being pretty stagnant in powerlifting training due to an injury, I decided to try out The Strength Guy’s Shift the Curve program and experienced good success from it. This prompted me to want to work with one of TSG’s coaches one-on-one, and I’m kicking myself for not doing so sooner. Working with Alfred has truly been a game changer for me. I’ve been impressed with his communication and level of expertise in my programming. His ability to analyze my workouts and to give continual constructive feedback has helped me to better understand and address my weaknesses as an athlete. He’s always positive, encouraging, passionate, and definitely disciplined, and works to instill these same qualities in me. By providing the tools necessary to improve on every aspect of my training, Alfred is always helping me to reach my potential in this sport. I highly recommend TSG and their comprehensive approach to coaching and programming! I wholeheartedly believe I came out stronger from my injury and setback with Alfred’s help. Your results will speak for themselves!

Anna Yang, Powerlifter

My experience with the 6-week program is amazing. It was different from what I’m used to – a lot of volume but it was an opportunity to get my form down while I was getting stronger. The constant feedback from the coaches [in the Facebook group] was filled with amazing insight and they all had realistic approaches. What I liked most was the progression of the program, and how slowly yet surely I was making volume PRs week after week. Once I was getting closer to the heavier weeks, I was so surprised how well my body was responding. The workouts are simple and don’t take all the time in the world (as other programs do).

Laura E.
The Strength Gals athlete training

A few months after hiring Vanessa, I was pregnant again. She guided me through a powerlifting program my entire pregnancy. I lifted heavy four days per week and might have missed only a handful of days the entire 10 months. My labor was nothing short of flawless. I am currently eight months postpartum and I just competed in my very first powerlifting meet. I totally exceeded my expectations, and I am sure I could not have done this without Coach Vanessa’s guidance!


I approached Jason Tremblay – co-founder of The Strength Guys (TSG) – in March of 2014 because I was looking for a coach that could guide me in bikini and powerlifting competitions in the most enjoyable, scientifically backed way. TSG helped me do just that! With evidence based nutrition and training protocols, TSG greatly contributed to my success in bikini and powerlifting: to winning bikini overall Newfoundland in 2014, a silver medal and Canadian national deadlift record at Canadian powerlifting nationals in 2015 and a bronze medal at the 2017 CBBF bikini nationals. I love how approachable Jason is with any questions or concerns I have. I always know exactly what I am doing with regards to my training and nutrition and why. Over the years team TSG has become a community that I can turn to whenever need be. On top of being an amazing coach, Jason has become a real mentor and true friend to me over theyears and I would highly recommend team TSG to anyone!

Brittany Bolt
2014 Overall Provincial Champion in Bikini Competition
2015 63 kg Junior CPU Silver Medalist
Former CPU Junior National Record Holder in the Deadlift
2017 CBBF Bronze Medalist in Bikini Competition

Brittany Bolt Bikini Powerlifting Success Story
Brittany Bolt

Over the past year, John has been very friendly, helpful, and quick to answer any questions we have. He has exposed us to training styles and exercised that I feel have helped us become better,  and more well-rounded lifters. We both look forward to continuing having John coach us.

Daniel and Megan Henrichs, Powerlifters

Working with The Strength Guys is more than a coach to athlete interaction. This group of individuals have an incredible desire to learn and disseminate their knowledge to others. They take a science-based approach and customized a plan to cater to my personal needs. Each coach has a specific area of expertise and they work with one another to ensure the athlete is getting nothing but the most quality information and services. My time with The Strength Guys thus far has been an incredible experience. Jason has been more than a coach but a great friend and teacher as well. There turnaround time for my questions is unbelievably quick, and I know the answer will be research based with reasoning behind it. They encourage for athletes to always ask “why?” and question everything, and then they provide you with the knowledge and resources as well. This has already been a great experience and I look forward to working with them further. I highly recommend them to anyone regardless of what your goals are

Matty Fusaro, CEO of Fusaro Fitness & YouTuber

The Strength Guys are professional bunch that know how to motivate, and above all care about your progress and conditioning. Through John’s guidance, I have increased my numbers in bench squat and dead lift so much that I am now confident to sign up for my first meet. Not only this, I have nearly caught up with others using their own programming despite having not trained as long. For me, this proves that John listens to me and puts thought into my weak areas while increasing overall strength . I honestly can say each program that that I receive make me excited and eager to lift.

Murat Bilgin, Powerlifter

I had initially started with Jason in preparation for CPU Nationals 2020 and the training leading up to the event was nothing short of spectacular hitting training PRs and refining technique. Unfortunately, I had injured myself during prep. Jason was able quickly assess the strategy ahead for my situation. He dealt with it confidently and without doubt of my own abilities. In Nationals, I hit meet PRs across the board and added 15kgs to my total! 

They are nothing short of professional and coming from a background of healthcare, I can see clearly that they are great in diagnosing weaknesses and individualising the specific needs of different lifters. They wholeheartedly care about their clients, and it makes me proud to be part of a great team!

Dave Govico, Powerlifter