How the Ketogenic Diet Affects Hunger (Research Review)

Our very own, Dr. Brandon Roberts has published another monster article. This time it’s Part 3 of the Sci-Fit series covering Hunger and the Ketogenic Diet.

      By reading this article, you will:
  1. Learn how the ketogenic diet affects your hunger
  2. Find out whether keto is better than other diets for appetite suppression
  3. Get insight into how protein, ketones, and other factors affect hunger
    What we did, and why

    Hunger is very important because it affects how much you eat. People typically feel hungrier after going on a diet. This is because the body wants to regain lost weight. If you could control hunger, then maybe weight loss could be easier and you might prevent weight regain.

    We have combed through the ketogenic literature. Our goal was to find studies with data on appetite, hunger, satiety, and cravings.

    After analyzing the data, we answered the following questions: “Will I be hungry on keto?” and “Do I need to count calories?”, and “Is the ketogenic diet superior compared to other diets for controlling hunger?”

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Adam Tzur (Sci-Fit on FB),
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