Taylor Atwood & Jason Tremblay | A Winning Combination | De Novo Podcast

Taylor Atwood & Jason Tremblay guests on De Novo Supplements podcast. They discuss what has made them a winning combination.

Jason Tremblay:  I  was fortunate to be on the De Novo Supplements podcast with my teammate and great friend Taylor Atwood. This is a podcast which we’ve both wanted to do for a while, to tell our story unfiltered, and we’re thankful for De Novo and Lawrence Judd to give us this opportunity. If you’re looking to hear a story of bragging about successes this isn’t for you. Each step along our way has been filled with tremendous adversity, and each meet it has been of a different kind. Through it all we’ve always committed to staying a TEAM and overcoming our adversity. For anyone who thinks that national champions don’t have to wade through the mud as well, you couldn’t be any more wrong. We started as essentially the blind leading the blind, grown as friends and professionals, and we’ve built a unique co-coaching team which nobody else is doing with our teammate Ben Esgro, and now we’ll be competing in our third IPF World Championship next week in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta…

Life is great when you take risks and expose yourself to whatever successes or lessons they may bring. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

De Novo Supplements: In this episode, I sit down with two of their coaches – Taylor Atwood and Jason Tremblay – who happen to have their own coach/client story stretching back for the past 4 years. This coaching relationship has seen Taylor medal on the international powerlifting stage, and it was great to sit down and chat about what has made them such a successful pairing / winning combination. I ask them:  1. Intro – tell us how they met/got started. 2. You guys have been working together for quite a while now, and you both coach a number of successful athletes. – What do you think are the biggest keys to developing & maintaining a good coach-athlete relationship? – In your particular relationship, have either of you felt like you let the other down? If so, how did you approach that and deal with it? 3. You guys have done several high profile competitions together – how do you handle the stress of competitions like that – both as a coach, managing your stress and your athlete, and as an athlete. 4. Who’s been the biggest influence on you as a coach/athlete? 5. What’s the one thing you wish more coaches and/or athletes knew?

Listen to entire Winning Combination Podcast here

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Jason is the co-founder of The Strength Guys Inc., providing elite-level coaching services to drug-free powerlifters, bodybuilders and competitive athletes.  Jason has coached and continues to coach athletes ranging from general fitness enthusiasts to IPF Worlds 2016 & 2017 silver medalist Taylor Atwood to NASCAR legend, Mark Martin.





Ben Esgro Coach

Ben is the founder and COO of De Novo Supplements. The company has both consulting and supplement branches, based on objective science and ethical practice. Ben is a registered dietitian (RD), as well as having a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science (MS) from Marywood University. He has over 6 years experience of coaching and programming for individuals all the way from general population folks all the way up to elite competitors, such as IPF Worlds 2015 93kg silver medalist Layne Norton. In addition to being a highly-regarded coach, he is also an accomplished competitor as both a USBF Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder and an internationally qualified IPF powerlifter.