Iron Culture Weight Cut Podcast With Kedric Kwan

TSG Coach Kedric Kwan Featured on Iron Culture Weight Cut Podcast

Iron Culture Weight Cut Kedric Kwan Podcast

Check out Iron Culture weight cut podcast with Kedric Kwan here.

Kedric works with a number of athletes on our team in their nutrition and ensuring they safely make weight without sacrificing performance.

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TSG Takeover – Strength Chat Podcast Episode 100

Check out the 100th episode of The Strength Chat podcast TSG Takeover! Several TSG team members joined  @coach_cuthbert for this milestone episode.

To celebrate this milestone, I couldn’t have thought of a better group of coaches to have as guests. They 100% encompass what I tried to set out to achieve with the podcast, providing greater knowledge and content on all things powerlifting, strength training, muscle building, and nutrition. In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg), Alfred Jong (@alfredtsg), Brandon Roberts (@brob_21), Nicole Paviglianti (@storiesnotselfies), and Ryan Smith (@smittytsg) of The Strength Guys (@thestrengthguys)

With backgrounds in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Nutrition, as well as being involved in coaching in 22 countries around the world, they have helped countless lifters achieve their goals and smash some PBs. In this episode, we covered the ins and outs and the behind scenes work that goes into running such a successful coaching service that is only going from strength to strength

Steven Cuthbert (@coach_cuthbert)

Listen now


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Origin Story – Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

The origin story of The Strength Guys as told by Jason Tremblay on the The Hypertrophy Hub podcast

Origin Story Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

Founder and president @jasontsg came on the podcast a while back to speak about the journey of starting one of my most competitive and innovative science based strength companies in the world.

James Walsham, The Hypertrophyhub
Taylor Atwood at 2019 IPF Worlds
Taylor Atwood at 2019 IPF Worlds

Origin Story Timestamps:

01:30:Introduction and the origin story of The Strength Guys.
08:20: What kind of content was TSG putting out online at the time?
18:00: Remaking The Strength Guys.
22:30: Jason’s thought process dealing with success.
30:00: Nationals and Taylor Atwood.
44:00: What Jason wish he knew more about
54:00: Finding people to build a great company with.
1:02:00: When Ben Esgro joined the company.
1:11:00: Is it ever hard to keep track of the purpose?
1:21:00: Where to find Jason and The Strength Guys online.

The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, stitcher and wherever else you get your podcasts!

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Origin Story TSG

Strength Chat Podcast – ALFRED JONG

TSG Coach Alfred Jong on The Strength Chat Podcast

Recently, Alfred Jong joined Steven Cuthbert in Episode 85 of The Strength Chat podcast.

From the success Alfred has had with his athletes, you can clearly see he knows what he’s doing. This isn’t to say that it’s solely down to programming though. In this episode, we covered a topic I feel is often forgotten or overlooked, the importance of communication between athlete and coach. A really interesting topic to cover with loads of great content and information

Coach Cuthbert

Listen to podcast here

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The Strength Chat Podcast Alfred Jong

Coach Athlete Relationship – Alfred Jong

Alfred Jong Coach Athlete Relationship Hypertrophy Hustle Show

In episode 119 of The Hypertrophy Hustle Show, Alfred Jong talks about all things coaching, including the coach athlete relationship and coaching horror stories.

Not many people fully understand the dynamics of coaching, it’s a complex endeavour that involves so many more aspects than just practical knowledge of training and nutrition principles.


00:00: Introduction and Alfred’s story.
11:30: when to start coaching, issues with coaches.
22:00: Short term mentality
28:20: Fundamentals of coaching.
33:30: Facilitating coach athlete buy in.
38:20: when to tell the athlete what is right.
47:00: why 9 for 9.
49:50: Balancing emotions and making decisions in the coach athlete relationship.

Listen to Hypertrophy Hustle podcast here

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Alfred Jong TSG Coach

Jason Tremblay Strength Chat Podcast

Jason Tremblay Featured on Coach Cuthbert’s Strength Chat Podcast

Recently, Jason was featured on Coach Cuthbert’s Strength Chat podcast. Topics included fatigue and recovery management, as well as using devices during training sessions.  Jason also talked about his Calgary Flames internship.

Jason also talked about The Strength Guys history as well as his summer internship with the Calgary Flames.

Listen here


Programming for Powerlifting – Kedric Kwan

Coach Kedric Kwan @kedrictsg was featured on Episode 114 of The Hypertrophy Hustle Show discussing programming for powerlifting.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about programming for powerlifting.
Topics of discussion include:
✅ Basic structure of programming
✅ Rep ranges and strength adaptation
✅ Exercise selection and accessories

Listen to Hypertrophy Hustle podcast here

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Programming for Powerlifting Kedric Kwan

Dr. Jacob Templar Hypertrophy Hustle Show

Dr. Jacob Templar Featured On The Hypertrophy Hustle Show

Dr. Jacob Templar @strengthinevidence_physio was featured on Episode 113 of The Hypertrophy Hustle Show.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about pain science and injury management.
Topics of discussion include:
✅ Jacob’s thoughts on orthopaedic surgeries
✅ K tape and placebo treatments
✅ Issues within medicine
✅ Pain-centric language
✅ What factors can we take into account to predict injury

Listen to Hypertrophy Hustle podcast here

Dr. Jacob Templar is a member of our coaching staff. He works closely to provide Injury and Load Management Coaching. Stay tuned for more details on this new COACHING SERVICE



Iron Culture Hypertrophy Podcast

Iron Culture Hypertrophy Podcast Featuring
Brandon Roberts (@brob_21)

Recently, Brandon Roberts from our team,joined a few well-known researchers (@helms3dmj, @bradschoenfeldphd, @juhahulmi, @omarisuf) on Iron Culture Hypertrophy Podcast to have a chat about muscle hypertrophy.

Listen to Iron Culture Hypertrophy Podcast here


KOTL IPF Worlds Recap

KOTL IPF Worlds Recap Podcast Featuring Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg)

The KOTL IPF Worlds Recap podcast.   Elite coaches Jason Tremblay (The Strength Guys) & Mike Tuchscherer (Reactive Training Systems) join 6 Pack Lapadat to look back over the highs, lows, and everything in-between about the drama at the 2019 IPF World Championships. These Worlds offered several interesting storylines. The discussion is honest and intriguing. 

Listen to KOTL IPF World Recap podcast here



Taylor Atwood Joins KOTL Podcast Feb 2019

King of the Lifts Taylor Atwood

Taylor Atwood (@t_atwood) joins KOTL podcast with 6 Pack Lapadat (@6packlapadat) and Robbie Little (@littlebylittlefst) to discuss his rivalry with Kjell Bakkelund, his showdown with Brett Gibbs, chasing Jesse Norris, how he wants to finish his 74 kg career, and possibly moving into the 83 kg class!!! Available on all platforms!

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King Of The Lifts Podcast Featuring Lift4Life’s John Downing & Nicola Paviglianiti

King Of The Lifts Podcast Featuring Lift4Life

Recently, TSG’s John Downing & Nicola Paviglianiti were on King Of The Lifts  podcast.  This podcast is very inspiring to give your ears some learning gains and hear all about their travels to Zimbabwe with Lift4Life

John & Nicola joined 6 Pack Lapadat (@6packlapadat) and Paul Maranzan (@paulmaranzan_lifts) to discuss how powerlifting is being used as a tool to change lives in Africa! Check out this podcast on the King Of The Lifts  platform

The Strength Guys is a proud supporter of Lift4Life.   We have a partnership in place called Coaching For A Cause where a portion of monthly athlete fees goes to Lift4Life.  These funds have been used to employ local welders and to establish scholarships for young lifters. If you’re interested to get involved, check out the Lift4Life Worldwide page for further information.

Lift4Life Worldwide is an organization founded by John Downing which makes the sport of powerlifting a focal point for community development, empowerment, employment, and educational opportunities in Zimbabwe.  They are hoping to expand their reach in the near future.