Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview

Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview

Jason Tremblay Interview With Lift4Life

Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview: TSG President, Jason Tremblay, sat down with a volunteer from Lift4Life Worldwide to discuss why he finds strength training important and how he is contributing to a world where strength is accessible to all.

The Strength Guys Inc. is a proud sponsor of Lift4Life through our Coaching For A Cause partnership

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Rationale Behind Our Coaching Techniques

We will cover the rationale of our programming, video analysis, athlete monitoring, performance documentation & iterative updating systems, and guidelines for competitive strategy. The purpose of this series is transparency. We’ve done our homework, and we want to show our athletes of the present and future what we’re all about. 

Programming Annual and Macrocycle Plans Rationale
The Annual Training Plan and Macrocycle plan explained in detail
Programming Mesocycle Plan
Mesocycle Plan
Programming Microcycle Plan
Microcycle Plan explained in detail
Rationale Behind Programming Performance Review and Assessment
The Performance Review and Results clearly display the rationale behind our coaching techniques. Proven results with Taylor Atwood and Eli Burks who are both IPF World Champions

Rationale Behind Our Technique Coaching and Video Analysis System.

Technique Curriculum The Power Portfolio
Technique curriculum, “The Power Portfolio” is provided to every athlete.
Technique Importance
Why is technique important?
Rationale Behind Technique Identifying and Training Weaknesses
Understand our rationale how we identify weaknesses with our athletes

Rationale Behind Our Athlete Monitoring System

We share the rationale behind our athlete monitoring system, which is designed to provide a holistic perspective that is complementary to the analytical approaches which we take to program design and coaching.

Athlete Monitoring System Training and Nutrition Manual
Learn about two tools used to monitor our athletes’ training and nutrition
Rationale how we take action through monitoring
How we monitor our athletes’ progress

Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes

The rationale behind our iterative updating and assessment processes, which are designed to measure lifter progress and fine-tune the data-based training process.

Assessment Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes Rationale
Understand our approach to monitoring and assessing out athletes’ performances
Assessment 2 iterative updating and assessment processes
How we monitor our athletes’ progress
Assessment Accounting For Variability With Autoregulation
We explain our rationale of accounting for variability with autoregulation

Attempt Selection Strategies

Attempt selection strategies 1
Attempt Selection Strategies 2
Attempt Selection Strategies 3
Attempt Selection Strategies 4
Attempt Selection Strategies 5
Attempt Selection Strategies Results Rationale
The results???

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Practicum Placement

TSG has reached an agreement with the University of Calgary Masters of Kinesiology program in order to provide a practicum placement option for MKin students interested in gaining experience with programming, video analysis, sport science, and content development for drug-free strength sport. We’re proud to provide this opportunity for Graduate students to further their knowledge and experience in drug-free strength sport.


Iron Culture Weight Cut Podcast With Kedric Kwan

TSG Coach Kedric Kwan Featured on Iron Culture Weight Cut Podcast

Iron Culture Weight Cut Kedric Kwan Podcast

Check out Iron Culture weight cut podcast with Kedric Kwan here.

Kedric works with a number of athletes on our team in their nutrition and ensuring they safely make weight without sacrificing performance.

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2020 CPU Nationals TSG Success

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Success

March 7, 2020: 2020 CPU Nationals concluded and we are thrilled about our TSG Success

Congratulations to each member of Team TSG who contributed to our best showing at a National Championship yet! 

Cindy Leighton (@cindy_leighton)
Tori LaPerriere (@laperelly )
Allan Yeung 
Tyler Wasyluk (@t.wasy)
Alexa Sperske (@sparky_lex27 )
Teresa Parson (@teresaparsons)
Nicola Paviglianiti (@storiesnotselfies
Allison Duffet (@alleydeez)
Mark Tobias (@mark_tbs8 )
Johnnel Naron (@johnnypwrlft)
Adamnn Jansson (@janssonwho )
Dave Govico (@davegeez)
Leo King (@leo.kingsfitness )
Ben Langley (@biggestben10)

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Ben Langley Best Lifter

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Athlete Ben Langley

Congratulations to Ben Langley on earning the Best Men’s Open Lifter and Best Men’s Overall Lifter awards! Ben had the meet of his life at 2020 CPU Nationals, putting up a 42.5 kg meet PR in the 74 kg division to win his class by 2.5 kg. His total of 712.5 kg will position him well up the nominations heading into this year’s World Championship in Belarus where he will represent Team Canada. Congratulations, Ben and Coach Alfred!

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Coaches

Ryan Smith (@smittytsg)
Alfred Jong (@alfredtsg
Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg)
Kedric Kwan (@kedrictsg) provided online Nutrition & Weight Management online coaching for several athletes

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TSG Takeover – Strength Chat Podcast Episode 100

Check out the 100th episode of The Strength Chat podcast TSG Takeover! Several TSG team members joined  @coach_cuthbert for this milestone episode.

To celebrate this milestone, I couldn’t have thought of a better group of coaches to have as guests. They 100% encompass what I tried to set out to achieve with the podcast, providing greater knowledge and content on all things powerlifting, strength training, muscle building, and nutrition. In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg), Alfred Jong (@alfredtsg), Brandon Roberts (@brob_21), Nicole Paviglianti (@storiesnotselfies), and Ryan Smith (@smittytsg) of The Strength Guys (@thestrengthguys)

With backgrounds in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Nutrition, as well as being involved in coaching in 22 countries around the world, they have helped countless lifters achieve their goals and smash some PBs. In this episode, we covered the ins and outs and the behind scenes work that goes into running such a successful coaching service that is only going from strength to strength

Steven Cuthbert (@coach_cuthbert)

Listen now


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Origin Story – Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

The origin story of The Strength Guys as told by Jason Tremblay on the The Hypertrophy Hub podcast

Origin Story Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

Founder and president @jasontsg came on the podcast a while back to speak about the journey of starting one of my most competitive and innovative science based strength companies in the world.

James Walsham, The Hypertrophyhub
Taylor Atwood at 2019 IPF Worlds
Taylor Atwood at 2019 IPF Worlds

Origin Story Timestamps:

01:30:Introduction and the origin story of The Strength Guys.
08:20: What kind of content was TSG putting out online at the time?
18:00: Remaking The Strength Guys.
22:30: Jason’s thought process dealing with success.
30:00: Nationals and Taylor Atwood.
44:00: What Jason wish he knew more about
54:00: Finding people to build a great company with.
1:02:00: When Ben Esgro joined the company.
1:11:00: Is it ever hard to keep track of the purpose?
1:21:00: Where to find Jason and The Strength Guys online.

The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, stitcher and wherever else you get your podcasts!

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Origin Story TSG

The Effects of Augmented Eccentric Loading upon Kinematics and Muscle Activation in Bench Press Performance

By by Roland van den Tillaar 1,* and Kedric Kwan 2

Congratulations to TSG coach, Kedric Kwan on his first official journal publication, “The Effects of Augmented Eccentric Loading upon Kinematics and Muscle Activation in Bench Press Performance”.

Read publication here

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Kedric Kwan

2019 Year In Review

In 2019 we learned more, gave more, and achieved more than ever before. We’re proud to share our Top 10 2019 year in review highlights with you.

Happy New Year!

TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review IPF World Championship

Kicking off with our historic achievements at the world championship in Sweden, giving back to the community, and breaking new ground with the Calgary Flames!

IPF World Championship

Taylor Atwood back to back champ. Eli Burks 2x champ.

TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review Giving Back
TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review Calgary Flames
TSG NYE 2019 Supporting Students
TSG NYE 2019 Supporting Community

Check out Our Team

TSG NYE 2019 Growing Our Team
TSG NYE 2019 Get Your Power Forums

Get Your Power Forums

National Championships

TSG NYE 2019 Year In Review National Championships
TSG NYE 2019 Continental Championships

Continental Championships

2019 Year in Review Achievements

TSG NYE 2019 Achievements

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at The Strength Guys




2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Team TSG is our biggest yet and four of our coaches will be in attendance. We look forward to supporting our athletes as they put their peak strength and skill on display at one of the top competitions in all of powerlifting.

2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Taylor Atwood

Taylor Atwood

Coming off of his 2nd IPF World Championship and his first Champion of Champions award, @t_atwood is looking to win his 6th National Championship in a row against an impressive line-up of 74 kg lifters. Taylor is healthy, fired up, and he’s been training harder than he ever has since the World Championship. He is coached by @jasontsg@benesgro, his Dad, Scott Atwood, and his nutritionist @kedrictsg.

Team TSG Sean Moser Arnold Classic Pro American Champ

Sean Moser

Coming off of his 2nd consecutive win at the Arnold Classic Pro American in the 93 kg division is @seanmoser19. Sean has been hard at work with coaches @jasontsg & @benesgro, and his nutritionist @kedrictsg both in-person and in the trenches on his own since the Arnold Classic where he is looking to improve on the 817.5 kg winning total which he posted back in March. Sean is one of the hardest workers on our team and we look forward to being there to support his efforts in a stacked 93 kg class. 

Nationals Team TSG Sean Collins

Sean Collins

Next up in the 83 kg category is relative newcomer to TSG, Sean Collins (@seantcollins24). Sean is coming off of a 762.5 kg Total at the Northeast Regionals in July. He started working with @benesgro & @jasontsg shortly after. TSG look forward to supporting Sean in his first competition as a member of our team against a highly competitive 83 kg class.

USAPL Raw Nationals
Team TSG Ladies

Powerlifting Team TSG Heidi Lewis

Heidi Lewis

Next up for our team at Raw Nationals is Heidi Lewis (@heidistrong_). Heidi will be competing at Raw Nationals for the first time. She is coming off of her 3rd consecutive win at the IPF University World Cup and the Women’s Best Lifter of the World Cup award. Heidi is coached by @joncsw and @downing_powerlifting. We look forward to supporting her efforts on the platform in the 84 kg+ category.

Team TSG Christiane Hazzard OSU Graduate

Christiane Hazzard

Christiane Hazzard (@hazzardous_weights) will also be competing at Raw Nationals for the first time. Coming off of her 2nd consecutive IPF University World Cup win, and setting the Junior National Record in Bench Press, Christiane will look to continue her stellar progress in a highly competitive 63 kg Junior class. She is coached by @joncsw and @downing_powerlifting.

TSG Powerlifting Athlete Jordanne Panton

Jordanne Panton

Also competing for the first time at USAPL Raw Nationals is our sponsored Strength Gal, Jordanne Panton (@jordannepanton). Jordanne is a well-accomplished equipped lifter and she is the current record holder in the Equipped Deadlift at 230 kg as a 63 kg lifter. She has been working with our team of coaches to strengthen her skills in Raw Powerlifting for the past year. We’re excited for Jordanne as she’ll lift against stacked competition in the 63 kg Junior category. Jordanne is coached by @joncsw & @jasontsg.

Powerlifting Masters

Mike Cagliola M1 Powerlifter TSG Athlete

Mike Cagliola

Next up in our 2019 Raw Nationals team announcements is 3x M1 National Champion, Mike Cagliola (@mikecags66kg). Mike has been working under the watchful eye of @kedrictsg to prepare for competition in the M1 66 kg category. We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Mike’s efforts on the platform. 

Team TSG Eric Townsley 2019 IPF Worlds Bronze Medalist

Eric Townsley

Since earning a Bronze Medal at the 2019 IPF World Championship, Eric Townsley(@muscl_town) has been training to defend his M1 74 kg National title with @jasontsg. Eric will be handled at Raw Nationals by our friend, @mlgary72. We look forward to supporting his efforts on the platform in Lombard, IL.

Michael Hookham Coached By Taylor Atwood

Michael Hookham

Up next on our TSG lineup for 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals is Michael Hookham @michaelhookham . He has been working hard under coach Taylor Atwood and will be competing in the 83kg Open Class

We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Michael’s efforts on the platform.

TSG Powerlifter Jean-Louis Nguyen

Jean-Louis Nguyen

Jean-Louis Nguyen @sirmax.a.lot , coached under Alfred @alfredtsg , will take the platform at 2019 USAPL Nationals in the 74kg Open class. He has been hitting some huge PRs and we are excited for the platform fire.

Long Ngo TSG Powerlifting Athlete

Long Ngo

From the State of Connecticut, TSG athlete Long Ngo will be competing in the Mens Open 66kg class at 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals TSG Team

Long is coached by the powerful duo Jason & Ben. We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Long’s efforts on the platform

Matthew Sananikone

TSG Team Takeover everywhere! Matthew Sananikone @matthew_sananikone will be taking the platform at 2019 USAPL Nationals as a 66kg lifter. Matthew is a Junior lifter with a bright future in the sport and is coached by Jason @jasontsg

We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support his efforts on the platform.

Matthew Sananikone
TSG Athlete Coach Roster

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Watch USAPL Raw Nationals Live

You can find all details about USAPL Raw Nationals on their website

Livestream on YouTube Channel

Scoresheet on LiftingCast.Com


Powerlifting Seminar Vietnam

Powerlifting Seminar in Hanoi

For the first time ever, Vietnam will be hosting their first IPF powerlifting seminar! Also a first, Clinton Lee (@clintoncratus_atp) and TSG Coach, Alfred Jong will be collaborating as guest speakers!

For those who don’t know, Clinton was a former TSG athlete. He was also the 2016 Asia Game champion and U74 silver medalist at the 2018 IPF World Championship. He is also the co-founder of Elevate Barbell Club ( in Singapore.

In this seminar, Clinton will be covering the fundamentals of the back squat, bench press, and deadlifting. Both Clinton and Alfred will be personally working with each athlete to ensure their technique is executed with precision and intent. In the second part of the seminar, Alfred will be going over the fundamentals of periodization and programming for powerlifting.

Saturday, November 16 – Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Strength Chat Podcast – ALFRED JONG

TSG Coach Alfred Jong on The Strength Chat Podcast

Recently, Alfred Jong joined Steven Cuthbert in Episode 85 of The Strength Chat podcast.

From the success Alfred has had with his athletes, you can clearly see he knows what he’s doing. This isn’t to say that it’s solely down to programming though. In this episode, we covered a topic I feel is often forgotten or overlooked, the importance of communication between athlete and coach. A really interesting topic to cover with loads of great content and information

Coach Cuthbert

Listen to podcast here

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The Strength Chat Podcast Alfred Jong