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Definitive Guide to Shifting The Curve

Definitive Guide to Shifting the Curve

By reading this guide, you will learn how to make the STC training system on My Strength Book work for you, including how to individualize it to your own:

  1. Training Frequency (how many times/week you perform the powerlifting movements)
  2. Number of Preferred weekly training sessions
  3. Competition timelines (how many weeks out from competition you are)
  4. Training goals (whether you’re peaking or focusing on developmental strength)

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Sigma Powerlifting Podcast: Shifting The Curve & Success Through Collaborative Coaching

Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro sat down with Danny Lennon on the Sigma Powerlifting Podcast to discuss what co-coaching entails lifters such as Taylor Atwood & Sean Moser entails, what they have learned working together, and other fun facts. 

IPF Worlds 2017 Minsk, Belarus


Jason is the co-founder of The Strength Guys Inc., providing elite-level coaching services to drug-free powerlifters, bodybuilders and competitive athletes.  Jason has coached and continues to coach athletes ranging from general fitness enthusiasts to IPF Worlds 2016 & 2017 silver medalist Taylor Atwood to NASCAR legend, Mark Martin.





Ben Esgro Coach

Ben is the founder and COO of De Novo Supplements. The company has both consulting and supplement branches, based on objective science and ethical practice. Ben is a registered dietitian (RD), as well as having a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science (MS) from Marywood University. He has over 6 years experience of coaching and programming for individuals all the way from general population folks all the way up to elite competitors, such as IPF Worlds 2015 93kg silver medalist Layne Norton. In addition to being a highly-regarded coach, he is also an accomplished competitor as both a USBF Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder and an internationally qualified IPF powerlifter.


Shifting The Curve MyStrengthBook Powerlifting Programs

Shifting the Curve (STC) is an innovative strength training program inspired by periodization theory, backed by scientific evidence, and grounded in practice.  The STC program has 8 variations, which allow athletes to pick their optimal frequency in the powerlifting movements and preferred weekly training split.   These variations exist so that you get the most specific training template that fits your training level and preferences.  The STC program is offered through the MyStrengthBook platform, and can be accessed on the Premium Membership.

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