2020 Year End Review

TSG 2020 Year End Review

2020 was a year like no other. We’d like to share some of our 2020 Year End Review highlights.

Australian Bush Fire Relief

Australian Wildfire Relief

We began a one week donation campaign at the start of January through our Coaching for a Cause program to provide financial assistance to the NSW Rural Fire Service (@nswrfs) in their fight against the fires. We managed to raise and donate $400 CAD to the organization during this one week campaign.

Athlete Management System Upgrade

Athlete Management System

Our group took another step forward in February when we released the 6th Edition of our Athlete Management System. This tool has opened up more program design & data analysis possibilities than we’ve ever had before. Including advancements in VBT, RPE profiling, and the analysis of training load data.

2020 Year In Review New Coach Vanessa Gale

Welcoming Vanessa Gale to the Team

At the beginning of February we welcomed Dr. Vanessa Gale (@prettystronglife) as our newest coach. Vanessa’s knowledge of the body and of different training techniques, as well as her presence within our community have been a tremendous asset to TSG. We look forward to continuing our work alongside her in the future.

2020 Year End Recap Teresa Parsons Cindy Leighton Nicola Paviglianiti

Canadian Powerlifting Nationals

In March 2020, TSG sent our biggest athlete Team to date to Canadian Powerlifting Nationals held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. TSG Coaches Jason @jasontsg and Alfred @alfredtsg attended to handle and support.

This Nationals proved to be a proud moment and highlight for our Team, including 5 National Champions and a 89% attempt success rate across all our athletes. Firstly, our M1 57kg athlete, @cindy_leighton winning her first M1 debut! TSG also had 4 National Open Champions (@storiesnotselfies, @mark_tbs8, @teresaparsons, @biggestben10). Notably, Ben Langley @biggestben10 successfully defended his 74kg Open National Championship and finished the meet as both the Best Overall Male Lifter, and Best Male Open Lifter across the competition.

Ben Langley Mark Tobias
Ben Langley & Mark Tobias
2020 Year End Recap CPU Nationals Mark Tobias
Mark Tobias

Tyler Wasyluk
Tyler Wasyluk
2020 Year End Recap CPU Nationals
Jason Tremblay, Teresa Parsons, Nicola Paviglianiti, Alfred Jong
2020 Recap Christine Aaron

Internship Program Recap

Another thing that we’re proud of this year is the steps forward that we’ve taken to improve our internship program. Each of our staff members has benefitted from having excellent mentors throughout their careers. In 2020 we improved how we are paying the mentorships we’ve received forward through group discussions and work on exciting new projects. Here is a list of what interns @tyler_hakamaki, @christinetrac, @aaron_edgley, @urbanmur, @7ann0, and @igorshvartsman and staff @alfredtsg, @jasontsg and @prettystronglife have worked on or discussed in the past year:

– Creating a calculator to perform meet math & projections

– Content creation for @PositionsOfPower about the fundamental theory of why specificity and variation are important for training.

– Exploring the ins & outs of programming, video analysis, client communication, and organization.

– Working with our 8-week training athletes @b.e.n.j.e.w_ & @jlu_lifts to apply learning into practice.

– Viewing the construction of the Calgary Flames 2021 Sports Science Hub

– Analysis of 2019-20 performance data to create statistical categories for the 2021 Flames season

– Transfer of historical data to the 2021 Sports Science Hub for the upcoming Flames season.

The internship program has been a pleasure to lead and we look forward to having it around schedules permitting for a long, long time to come. Thank you to Tyler, Christine, Aaron, Urban, Tanno, and Igor as well as Alfred and Vanessa for their contributions to our internship calls.

Urban Mur
2020 Recap Tanno De Pender
2020 Year End Review Igor Shvartsman
2020 Year In Review Jason U of C
Jason Tremblay Conducting Lecture at University of Calgary
2020 Year End Review Virtual Meet Champs

Virtual Powerlifting Meet

In October 2020, TSG hosted 49 competitors from 4 different continents in our first ever online powerlifting meet.  A panel of 12 volunteer IPF International referees judged videos to create a fair and world class competition experience. Notably, we had 11 Zimbabwe athletes participate, providing an accessible global meet with our charity partner Lift4Life Worldwide

2020 Year In Review Taylor Atwood

Record Breaking Performance of Taylor Atwood

TSG Athlete @t_atwood became the first 74 kg lifter to break the 800 kg mark. At 73.7 kg bodyweight he hit an incredible 293 kg (NR) squat, 199 kg (NR) bench, and 320 kg (NR) deadlift to total 812 kg (119.46 GL) ranking him 2nd all time in @theipf rankings behind Jesse Norris.

2020 Year End Recap Heidi Lewis

Record Breaking Performance of Heidi Lewis

TSG Athlete @heidistrong_  competed in the 84+ Female Junior Class and went 9/9 with all white lights. She hit huge PR’s including a 240.5kg deadlift which was a Junior American deadlift record, unofficial World Record, and was the 10th heaviest in the IPF across all female lifters. Heidi’s powerlifting journey has been supported by numerous TSG Coaches along the way, and very special was the fact this meet marked exactly 5 years to the day from her first USAPL meet in 2015.

2020 Year End Evie Corrigan

Record Breaking Performance of Evie Corrigan

TSG Athlete @beeevie win the 57 kg Female Open Class at New Zealand Nationals. Evie’s hard work and persistence paid off with personal bests in Squat (168kg), Bench Press (96.5kg) and Deadlift (200kg). Her total of 464.5 kg is the 3rd highest total ever recorded in the 57 kg weight class, and is 8 kg under the current world record!

Did You Enjoy Our 2020 Year End Review?

We would like to thank our athletes, TSG Team, and supporters for an incredible year. Looking forward to 2021.

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Rationale Behind Our Coaching Techniques

We will cover the rationale of our programming, video analysis, athlete monitoring, performance documentation & iterative updating systems, and guidelines for competitive strategy. The purpose of this series is transparency. We’ve done our homework, and we want to show our athletes of the present and future what we’re all about. 

Programming Annual and Macrocycle Plans Rationale
The Annual Training Plan and Macrocycle plan explained in detail
Programming Mesocycle Plan
Mesocycle Plan
Programming Microcycle Plan
Microcycle Plan explained in detail
Rationale Behind Programming Performance Review and Assessment
The Performance Review and Results clearly display the rationale behind our coaching techniques. Proven results with Taylor Atwood and Eli Burks who are both IPF World Champions

Rationale Behind Our Technique Coaching and Video Analysis System.

Technique Curriculum The Power Portfolio
Technique curriculum, “The Power Portfolio” is provided to every athlete.
Technique Importance
Why is technique important?
Rationale Behind Technique Identifying and Training Weaknesses
Understand our rationale how we identify weaknesses with our athletes

Rationale Behind Our Athlete Monitoring System

We share the rationale behind our athlete monitoring system, which is designed to provide a holistic perspective that is complementary to the analytical approaches which we take to program design and coaching.

Athlete Monitoring System Training and Nutrition Manual
Learn about two tools used to monitor our athletes’ training and nutrition
Rationale how we take action through monitoring
How we monitor our athletes’ progress

Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes

The rationale behind our iterative updating and assessment processes, which are designed to measure lifter progress and fine-tune the data-based training process.

Assessment Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes Rationale
Understand our approach to monitoring and assessing out athletes’ performances
Assessment 2 iterative updating and assessment processes
How we monitor our athletes’ progress
Assessment Accounting For Variability With Autoregulation
We explain our rationale of accounting for variability with autoregulation

Attempt Selection Strategies

Attempt selection strategies 1
Attempt Selection Strategies 2
Attempt Selection Strategies 3
Attempt Selection Strategies 4
Attempt Selection Strategies 5
Attempt Selection Strategies Results Rationale
The results???

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2020 CPU Nationals TSG Success

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Success

March 7, 2020: 2020 CPU Nationals concluded and we are thrilled about our TSG Success

Congratulations to each member of Team TSG who contributed to our best showing at a National Championship yet! 

Cindy Leighton (@cindy_leighton)
Tori LaPerriere (@laperelly )
Allan Yeung 
Tyler Wasyluk (@t.wasy)
Alexa Sperske (@sparky_lex27 )
Teresa Parson (@teresaparsons)
Nicola Paviglianiti (@storiesnotselfies
Allison Duffet (@alleydeez)
Mark Tobias (@mark_tbs8 )
Johnnel Naron (@johnnypwrlft)
Adamnn Jansson (@janssonwho )
Dave Govico (@davegeez)
Leo King (@leo.kingsfitness )
Ben Langley (@biggestben10)

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Ben Langley Best Lifter

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Athlete Ben Langley

Congratulations to Ben Langley on earning the Best Men’s Open Lifter and Best Men’s Overall Lifter awards! Ben had the meet of his life at 2020 CPU Nationals, putting up a 42.5 kg meet PR in the 74 kg division to win his class by 2.5 kg. His total of 712.5 kg will position him well up the nominations heading into this year’s World Championship in Belarus where he will represent Team Canada. Congratulations, Ben and Coach Alfred!

2020 CPU Nationals TSG Coaches

Ryan Smith (@smittytsg)
Alfred Jong (@alfredtsg
Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg)
Kedric Kwan (@kedrictsg) provided online Nutrition & Weight Management online coaching for several athletes

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2019 Year In Review

In 2019 we learned more, gave more, and achieved more than ever before. We’re proud to share our Top 10 2019 year in review highlights with you.

Happy New Year!

TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review IPF World Championship

Kicking off with our historic achievements at the world championship in Sweden, giving back to the community, and breaking new ground with the Calgary Flames!

IPF World Championship

Taylor Atwood back to back champ. Eli Burks 2x champ.

TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review Giving Back
TSG NYE 2019 Year in Review Calgary Flames
TSG NYE 2019 Supporting Students
TSG NYE 2019 Supporting Community

Check out Our Team

TSG NYE 2019 Growing Our Team
TSG NYE 2019 Get Your Power Forums

Get Your Power Forums

National Championships

TSG NYE 2019 Year In Review National Championships
TSG NYE 2019 Continental Championships

Continental Championships

2019 Year in Review Achievements

TSG NYE 2019 Achievements

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at The Strength Guys




2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Team TSG is our biggest yet and four of our coaches will be in attendance. We look forward to supporting our athletes as they put their peak strength and skill on display at one of the top competitions in all of powerlifting.

2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Taylor Atwood

Taylor Atwood

Coming off of his 2nd IPF World Championship and his first Champion of Champions award, @t_atwood is looking to win his 6th National Championship in a row against an impressive line-up of 74 kg lifters. Taylor is healthy, fired up, and he’s been training harder than he ever has since the World Championship. He is coached by @jasontsg@benesgro, his Dad, Scott Atwood, and his nutritionist @kedrictsg.

Team TSG Sean Moser Arnold Classic Pro American Champ

Sean Moser

Coming off of his 2nd consecutive win at the Arnold Classic Pro American in the 93 kg division is @seanmoser19. Sean has been hard at work with coaches @jasontsg & @benesgro, and his nutritionist @kedrictsg both in-person and in the trenches on his own since the Arnold Classic where he is looking to improve on the 817.5 kg winning total which he posted back in March. Sean is one of the hardest workers on our team and we look forward to being there to support his efforts in a stacked 93 kg class. 

Nationals Team TSG Sean Collins

Sean Collins

Next up in the 83 kg category is relative newcomer to TSG, Sean Collins (@seantcollins24). Sean is coming off of a 762.5 kg Total at the Northeast Regionals in July. He started working with @benesgro & @jasontsg shortly after. TSG look forward to supporting Sean in his first competition as a member of our team against a highly competitive 83 kg class.

USAPL Raw Nationals
Team TSG Ladies

Powerlifting Team TSG Heidi Lewis

Heidi Lewis

Next up for our team at Raw Nationals is Heidi Lewis (@heidistrong_). Heidi will be competing at Raw Nationals for the first time. She is coming off of her 3rd consecutive win at the IPF University World Cup and the Women’s Best Lifter of the World Cup award. Heidi is coached by @joncsw and @downing_powerlifting. We look forward to supporting her efforts on the platform in the 84 kg+ category.

Team TSG Christiane Hazzard OSU Graduate

Christiane Hazzard

Christiane Hazzard (@hazzardous_weights) will also be competing at Raw Nationals for the first time. Coming off of her 2nd consecutive IPF University World Cup win, and setting the Junior National Record in Bench Press, Christiane will look to continue her stellar progress in a highly competitive 63 kg Junior class. She is coached by @joncsw and @downing_powerlifting.

TSG Powerlifting Athlete Jordanne Panton

Jordanne Panton

Also competing for the first time at USAPL Raw Nationals is our sponsored Strength Gal, Jordanne Panton (@jordannepanton). Jordanne is a well-accomplished equipped lifter and she is the current record holder in the Equipped Deadlift at 230 kg as a 63 kg lifter. She has been working with our team of coaches to strengthen her skills in Raw Powerlifting for the past year. We’re excited for Jordanne as she’ll lift against stacked competition in the 63 kg Junior category. Jordanne is coached by @joncsw & @jasontsg.

Powerlifting Masters

Mike Cagliola M1 Powerlifter TSG Athlete

Mike Cagliola

Next up in our 2019 Raw Nationals team announcements is 3x M1 National Champion, Mike Cagliola (@mikecags66kg). Mike has been working under the watchful eye of @kedrictsg to prepare for competition in the M1 66 kg category. We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Mike’s efforts on the platform. 

Team TSG Eric Townsley 2019 IPF Worlds Bronze Medalist

Eric Townsley

Since earning a Bronze Medal at the 2019 IPF World Championship, Eric Townsley(@muscl_town) has been training to defend his M1 74 kg National title with @jasontsg. Eric will be handled at Raw Nationals by our friend, @mlgary72. We look forward to supporting his efforts on the platform in Lombard, IL.

Michael Hookham Coached By Taylor Atwood

Michael Hookham

Up next on our TSG lineup for 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals is Michael Hookham @michaelhookham . He has been working hard under coach Taylor Atwood and will be competing in the 83kg Open Class

We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Michael’s efforts on the platform.

TSG Powerlifter Jean-Louis Nguyen

Jean-Louis Nguyen

Jean-Louis Nguyen @sirmax.a.lot , coached under Alfred @alfredtsg , will take the platform at 2019 USAPL Nationals in the 74kg Open class. He has been hitting some huge PRs and we are excited for the platform fire.

Long Ngo TSG Powerlifting Athlete

Long Ngo

From the State of Connecticut, TSG athlete Long Ngo will be competing in the Mens Open 66kg class at 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals TSG Team

Long is coached by the powerful duo Jason & Ben. We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support Long’s efforts on the platform

Matthew Sananikone

TSG Team Takeover everywhere! Matthew Sananikone @matthew_sananikone will be taking the platform at 2019 USAPL Nationals as a 66kg lifter. Matthew is a Junior lifter with a bright future in the sport and is coached by Jason @jasontsg

We look forward to being in Lombard, IL to support his efforts on the platform.

Matthew Sananikone
TSG Athlete Coach Roster

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Watch USAPL Raw Nationals Live

You can find all details about USAPL Raw Nationals on their website

Livestream on YouTube Channel

Scoresheet on LiftingCast.Com


2019 NAPF Championship Team TSG

Last week, two Team TSG athletes competed at the 2019 North American Powerlifting Federation Championship in Costa Rica.

Tori Laperriere – 57 kg Junior

GOLD for Tori Laperriere (@laperelly) at the 2019 NAPF Championship! Congratulations to Tori and Coach Ryan Smith (@smittytsg) on a 32 kg PR, 9/9 performance.

Tori Laperriere 2019 NAPF Championship

Squat: 135 kg
Bench: 85 kg
Deadlift: 142.5 kg
Total: 362.5 kg in the u57 kg Jr category.

BEST OVERALL Female Junior Lifter!

Fun Fact: Tori’s total was higher than Women’s Open 57 kg

Johnnel Naron – 120 kg Junior

SILVER for Johnnel Naron (@johnnypwrlft) at 2019 NAPF Championship in Costa Rica! Congratulations to Johnnel and Coach Ryan Smith (@smittytsg) on a great performance.

Johnnel Naron 2019 NAPF Championship

John went 282.5/190/260 Old PRS were 285/180/260
He missed second squat on depth (2/3), 3/3 bench, 1/3 pulls. Missed 272.5 twice on hook grip slipping
Overall John I hit a 7.5kg total PR with a 10kg Bench PR. 

2019 NAPF Championship Team TSG

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2019 IPF Worlds Recap

The Strength Guys athletes and coaches celebrated huge success at 2019 IPF Worlds in Helsingborg, Sweden.

2019 IPF Worlds Recap
Daniel Tan at 2019 IPF Worlds

Daniel Tan (@daniolbro) competed Junior u59kg divison. He took home a gold in squats, silver in deadlifts, silver overall, a new national squat record, and a nice little total PB.
Congratulations Daniel and coach Alfred Jong!

Mark Tobias at 2019 IPF Worlds

Mark Tobias (@mark_tbs8) competed in the Open u66kg division. He earned himself a bronze in squats and sixth overall in his first IPF Worlds

The Strength Gals Hit The Platform

The Strength Gals sponsored athlete, Teresa Parsons @teresaparsons had a great day at 2019 IPF Worlds.
She finished with a 160kg squat, 97.5kg bench, and 187.5kg deadlift for a 445kg total, which was good for 6th place in the very competitive 63kg division.

Teresa is coached by Jason @jasontsg & Ben @benesgro, with nutrition by @kedrictsg .
Through The Strength Gals, we offer unique services for female athletes. Check it out on our website or get in touch with us 

Carli Dillen (@carli_dillen) competed in the u63kg division at 2019 IPF Worlds. She ended up placing 8th in a very competitive class, going 9 for 9, setting person PB’s, and best of all, setting a new New Zealand National Record!

Carli with coaches Kedric Kwan (nutrition) and Alfred Jong (programming).

Taylor Atwood 74 kg Champ

Taylor Atwood at 2019 IPF Worlds
Taylor Atwood 2019 IPF Worlds 74kg Gold Medalist

Taylor Atwood @t_atwood – Historic 790.5 kg total from the 74 kg division at the 2019 IPF Worlds. Taylor broke the World Record in Squat and shattered the World Record in Total by 33 kg en route to his 2nd World Championship and the Best Overall Lifter award.

Best Overall Lifter – Taylor Atwood

Jason, Ben and Kedric accepted trophy on Taylor Atwood's behalf for Best Overall Lifter
Jure Rus at 2019 IPF Worlds

Jure Rus @power_dentist competed at 2019 IPF Worlds in the 83kg class for Team Slovenia

Coached under Jason @jasontsg & Ben @benesgro he finished 10th overall in a very competitive class with a 277,5 kg Squat, 162,5kg Bench Press and 302,5 kg Deadlift

Owen Hubbard at 2019 IPF Worlds

Owen Hubbard @ohubb competed in the Open 83kg division at 2019 IPF Worlds placing 6th overall.

Owen finished off the day placing 6th out of 23 athletes, along with a new World Record in bench press (215.5kg). He also squatted 275kg & deadlifted 267.5kg.

Owen competed for Great Britain, and is coached by Alfred @alfredtsg & Jason @jasontsg

 at 2019 IPF Worlds

Eli Burks ( @eliburks3 ) celebrates his second world championship title in the 105 kg division. Coached by  @benesgro and @jasontsg  

Congratulations to all TSG athletes and coaches for your success at 2019 IPF Worlds in Sweden!


A Year of Learning and Lifting With The Strength Guys

A Year of Learning and Lifting With The Strength Guys

Teresa Parsons

Teresa Parsons Learning and Lifting

My first year of working with The Strength Guys as Sponsored Strength Gals Athlete has been an incredible experience learning and lifting! Having this opportunity has given me a fresh perspective on the sport of powerlifting.  I have made a lot of progress in the way I move, think, and approach the ups and downs of training. I attribute these changes to my program design and the support network that TSG has provided me.   


Since day one of joining on with TSG, I have felt like I was part of a team. I don't just have a coach, I have an entire group of people who help and support me in my lifting ventures. TSG very much has the feel of a community. All of the TSG athletes and coaches, who I have had the chance to interact with, have been extremely welcoming and supportive.   

Learning and Lifting Coaches

Jason and Ben have been my coaches and done my programming since I started with TSG. I enjoy having the combined expertise of two coaches, it allows for more conversation, thoughts, and ideas. Together Ben and Jason have provided me with a ton of guidance and information. They are excellent with communication and make a point to ensure I understand what they are telling me. Over the year I have had the opportunity to spend some time with them both.  They have both handled me at different competitions, I attended a seminar put on by TSG and the three of us have had the chance to train together. I feel that in addition to online coaching the time we have spent together has enhanced our ability to communicate and has been a major help in my ability to understand the lifts. Jason and Ben have gone above and beyond what I ever expected from powerlifting coaches.

Nutrition Coaching

More recently, in the weeks leading up to CPU Nationals, Kedric joined in to help me with my weight cut. He has continued to do my nutritional planning as I prepare for Worlds. Kedric has shown me an incredible amount of support by making sure my diet is sustainable, removing any worry of not making weight and answering all the food questions that I have. Like Jason and Ben, he goes beyond just giving me something to follow and is continuously checking in to make sure everything is going well.

Learning and Lifting Coaches
Strength Gals Teresa Parsons Powerlifting

The Strength Gals Community

In addition to Ben, Jason, and Kedric as my coaches, I also frequently interact with Nicola and Debbi. Nicola the Strength Gals rep was one of my first lifting role models. When I joined TSG and The Strength Gals she was a big help in navigating the transition from my previous coach to Jason and Ben. She is always available when I have questions or to have a chat. She has been a supporter of my lifting and continues to be an inspiration to me as a fellow female powerlifter and person. Last but not least, Debbi the TSG Mom, has been extremely welcoming to me from the start of my time with TSG. She always shows support to me on my lifting ventures. She is easy to get in touch with and has helped me stay organized with a variety of things.

As a whole, the thing I value the most about this team is the amount of their own time which they have invested in me. They have shown me that they want me to succeed just as much as I want to succeed. They have all played an important role to keep me moving towards my goals!

Learning Technique From My Coaches

From the beginning of my time working with Jason and Ben, my technique was a major focus for change. When starting their programming they asked my perceived knowledge of the lifts. I realized I didn't have a solid plan or understanding of how I would initiate each lift. I was given checklists on the bases of how the lifts should be performed. These lists combined with video analysis and recommendations all added depth to my lifting knowledge. With time, practice, patience, and continuous feedback I am still progressing in this area. With the help of Jason and Ben, my checklists have evolved to thoughts and cues that best resonate with me. Becoming engaged and having a plan has made every single training session a learning experience. The time I spend in the gym practicing my technique combined with frequent feedback and reminders from Jason and Ben on what I am doing well and what I am missing has been a huge help to me. Even though my training hasn't been a direct line to technical perfection and instant gains; I have had far more good days than bad.

Practice Makes Perfect

Apart from joining an amazing team of people and learning a lot about lifting the style of program that Jason and Ben provide me is different than anything I have followed in the past.  I train with a major emphasis on the three competition lifts. In the beginning, I thought I might miss my variety of lifts and movements, but so far I don't. Now that I understand the main lifts better, there are more things I want to improve upon. By repeatedly performing the squat, bench and deadlift I have been able to make positive changes in my movement patterns. Practice makes perfect!  The thing I love the most about my programming is that it is never easy or boring. Between the technical changes, weight increases and volume demand I have been physically and mentally challenged more so than I can explain at times, but that's why I love it! The good days are evidence of my progress the hard days build on my resilience and patience. Regardless of how I feel there is never a day where I do not come out of the gym feeling some amount of accomplishment for my efforts.

I feel very fortunate to be part of The Strength Gals and Guys community. We have covered a lot of ground in a year and as we prepare for IPF Classic Worlds I couldn't be happier with where we are! I am very excited to represent the team on the platform!

2019 IPF World Championship

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2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds

2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds | Team TSG

TSG has two athletes competing this week at the 2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds in Tokyo, Japan. Good luck to Quentin Myers and Chris Teague!

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Quentin Myers | 66 kg Bench Press Champion

2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds Quentin Myers

🇺🇸 Quentin Myers (MO 66 kg) will be representing the USA in the 66 kg category. Quentin is coached by Ben Esgro, Jason Tremblay, and Kedric Kwan.

  • 2018 USAPL Bench Press Champion 
  • 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals Champion


Chris Teague - 83 kg Bench Press

2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds Chris Myers

🇬🇧 Chris Teague (MO 83 kg) will be representing Great Britain in the 83 kg category. Chris is coached by Kedric Kwan.

  • 2018 All England Bench Press Champion


Be sure to watch 2019 IPF Bench Press Worlds Livestream to watch the best of the best

Go Team TSG!


2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG roster with 9 athletes representing 6 countries. We will have athletes and coaches from Canada, USA, Great Britain, Slovenia, New Zealand and Singapore all gathering in Helsingborg, Sweden June 3 - 15, 2019

EDIT: Carli Dillen has since moved to the 63 kg category





2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG Roster

Daniel Tan

59 kg Junior
Daniel Tan 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Daniel is coming into this year’s competition nominated in P2 off of the 525 kg total which he achieved at the Asian Championship in September. We look forward to seeing Daniel mount a strong challenge for the Junior World Championship in his weight class next month at World’s.
He is c
oached by Alfred Jong 

  • 2018 Asian Champion
  • 2018 Bronze Medalist IPF World Championship

Mark Tobias

66 kg Open
Mark Tobias 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Mark is coming into this year’s competition nominated in P5 off of the 635 kg total which he achieved at the Canadian National Championship in March. After making the transition to TSG for guidance leading into World’s, we look forward to seeing the performance which our collective efforts can produce.

He is coached by Alfred Jong 

  • Canadian National Champion is 66 kg

Carli Dillen

63 kg Open
Carli Dillen 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

We are thrilled to welcome Carli Dillen @carli_dillen to Team TSG.   Carli is from New Zealand and will be competing in the 63kg Open class. This will be Carli's 4th time competing at Worlds, but her first time representing Team TSG.   She is coached by Alfred Jong and Kedric Kwan

  • 2019 Asia Pacific Champion
  • 2018 Oceania Champion

Teresa Parsons

63 kg Open
Teresa Parsons 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Teresa Parsons joined Team TSG in April 2018 as a The Strength Gals sponsored athlete.  She recently had a major perspective change and she’s put a lot of focus on improving her technique and lifts. We can’t wait to see her hard work pay off on the platform at 2019 IPF Worlds!  Teresa is coached by Jason Tremblay, Ben Esgro, and Kedric Kwan.

  • 2016 Canadian National Champion
  • 2x Canadian National Silver Medalist

Taylor Atwood

74 kg Open
Taylor Atwood 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Taylor Atwood is the defending 74 kg IPF World Champion.  Taylor is coming into 2019 IPF Worlds nominated in P1 off of the 777.5 kg total which he achieved at the USAPL National Championship in October. After a long and healthy off-season, we look forward to seeing the performance which our collective efforts can produce on June 13th.

Taylor is coached by Jason Tremblay, Ben Esgro and Kedric Kwan.

Taylor is also a member of The Strength Guys coaching team

  • 2018 IPF World Champion 74 kg
  • 5x USA National Champion
  • Arnold Classic Grand Prix Champion

Ben Langley

74 kg Open
Ben Langley 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Ben Langley is the 74 kg 2019 Canadian National Champion.  Despite travelling around the world for the Canadian Airforce, he’s been training hard and putting in the work! Ben is coached by Alfred @alfredtsg.

We’re excited to see Ben move some serious weight on the platform in Sweden!
2016 Canadian National Champion

  • 74 kg Canadian National Champion
  • 2018 Arnold Classic Europe Silver Medalist

Owen Hubbard

83 kg Open
Owen Hubbard 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Owen Hubbard  is coming into this year’s competition nominated in P4 off of the 770 kg total which he set at the European Championship in December. We look forward to seeing the performance which Owen will bring to the platform on June 13th.

Owen is coached by Alfred Jong & Jason Tremblay.

  • 2018 European Champion 83 kg
  • 3x British National Champion
  • World Record Holder in Bench Press

Jure Rus

83 kg Open
Jure Rus 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Jure Rus is coming into this year’s competition nominated in P5 off of the 752.5 kg total which he achieved at the 2017 World Championship in Belarus. We look forward to seeing the performance which our collective efforts will bring to the platform on June 13th.

Fun fact: Jure's Instagram ID is @power_dentist  because in his spare time, he is a successful dentist in his clinic, @dentavital  If you ever want to know how to perform a root canal and lift heavy weights, Jure is your guy!

Jure is coached by Jason Tremblay and Ben Esgro.

  • 2017 European Champion 83 kg
  • 4x Slovenian National Champion

Eli Burks

105 kg Open
Eli Burks 2019 IPF Worlds Team TSG

Eli Burks  is coming into this year’s competition also nominated in P1 off of the 870 kg total which he achieved at the USAPL National Championship in October. After a long and productive off-season, we look forward to seeing the performance which our collective efforts can produce on June 15th.

Eli is coached by Ben Esgro & Jason Tremblay.

  • 2016 IPF World Champion 105 kg
  • 3x USA National Champion
  • Arnold Classic Grand Prix Champion

STH Showdown Powerlifting Meet Sponsorship

The Strength Guys is proud to announce we are sponsoring the  STH Showdown Powerlifting Meet.  Watch for the spotters and loaders wearing our new TSG t-shirt.     The STH Showdown is an official Quebec Powerlifting Federation meet set for April 6, 2019 in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

The Strength Guys is a Canadian company based in Alberta.  We have athletes in 24 countries and very proud to support our Canadian athletes. Check out our Coaching Services or Contact Us for more information.

Quebec Powerlifting Federation


2019 Collegiate Nationals

2019 Collegiate Nationals USA Powerlifting OSU

2019 Collegiate Nationals
April 12th – 15th Columbus, OH
The Strength Guys Proud Sponsors

The 2019 Collegiate Nationals will be hosted by John Downing and the Ohio State University Powerlifting Club .  Jason Tremblay has been working closely with John for a few years providing programming for OSU.  John is not only a TSG coach, but is an OSU alumni and volunteers directly with the club.  Jason and Alfred (and John) will be OSU coaches during the meet.

When John decided it was time to host the best national powerlifting meet ever, hosting 2019 Collegiate Nationals in his hometown seemed like a natural fit.  The Strength Guys is proud to be a sponsor for the meet.  Besides donating to support Nationals, several TSG team members will be in Columbus volunteering to help and support John.



USA Powerlifting

2019 Collegiate Nationals Facts