Rationale Behind Our Coaching Techniques

We will cover the rationale of our programming, video analysis, athlete monitoring, performance documentation & iterative updating systems, and guidelines for competitive strategy. The purpose of this series is transparency. We’ve done our homework, and we want to show our athletes of the present and future what we’re all about. 

Programming Annual and Macrocycle Plans Rationale
The Annual Training Plan and Macrocycle plan explained in detail
Programming Mesocycle Plan
Mesocycle Plan
Programming Microcycle Plan
Microcycle Plan explained in detail
Rationale Behind Programming Performance Review and Assessment
The Performance Review and Results clearly display the rationale behind our coaching techniques. Proven results with Taylor Atwood and Eli Burks who are both IPF World Champions

Rationale Behind Our Technique Coaching and Video Analysis System.

Technique Curriculum The Power Portfolio
Technique curriculum, “The Power Portfolio” is provided to every athlete.
Technique Importance
Why is technique important?
Rationale Behind Technique Identifying and Training Weaknesses
Understand our rationale how we identify weaknesses with our athletes

Rationale Behind Our Athlete Monitoring System

We share the rationale behind our athlete monitoring system, which is designed to provide a holistic perspective that is complementary to the analytical approaches which we take to program design and coaching.

Athlete Monitoring System Training and Nutrition Manual
Learn about two tools used to monitor our athletes’ training and nutrition
Rationale how we take action through monitoring
How we monitor our athletes’ progress

Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes

The rationale behind our iterative updating and assessment processes, which are designed to measure lifter progress and fine-tune the data-based training process.

Assessment Iterative Updating and Assessment Processes Rationale
Understand our approach to monitoring and assessing out athletes’ performances
Assessment 2 iterative updating and assessment processes
How we monitor our athletes’ progress
Assessment Accounting For Variability With Autoregulation
We explain our rationale of accounting for variability with autoregulation

Attempt Selection Strategies

Attempt selection strategies 1
Attempt Selection Strategies 2
Attempt Selection Strategies 3
Attempt Selection Strategies 4
Attempt Selection Strategies 5
Attempt Selection Strategies Results Rationale
The results???

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Coach Athlete Relationship – Alfred Jong

Alfred Jong Coach Athlete Relationship Hypertrophy Hustle Show

In episode 119 of The Hypertrophy Hustle Show, Alfred Jong talks about all things coaching, including the coach athlete relationship and coaching horror stories.

Not many people fully understand the dynamics of coaching, it’s a complex endeavour that involves so many more aspects than just practical knowledge of training and nutrition principles.


00:00: Introduction and Alfred’s story.
11:30: when to start coaching, issues with coaches.
22:00: Short term mentality
28:20: Fundamentals of coaching.
33:30: Facilitating coach athlete buy in.
38:20: when to tell the athlete what is right.
47:00: why 9 for 9.
49:50: Balancing emotions and making decisions in the coach athlete relationship.

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Alfred Jong TSG Coach

Programming for Powerlifting – Kedric Kwan

Coach Kedric Kwan @kedrictsg was featured on Episode 114 of The Hypertrophy Hustle Show discussing programming for powerlifting.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about programming for powerlifting.
Topics of discussion include:
✅ Basic structure of programming
✅ Rep ranges and strength adaptation
✅ Exercise selection and accessories

Listen to Hypertrophy Hustle podcast here

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Programming for Powerlifting Kedric Kwan