Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview

Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview

Jason Tremblay Interview With Lift4Life

Jason Tremblay Lift4Life Interview: TSG President, Jason Tremblay, sat down with a volunteer from Lift4Life Worldwide to discuss why he finds strength training important and how he is contributing to a world where strength is accessible to all.

The Strength Guys Inc. is a proud sponsor of Lift4Life through our Coaching For A Cause partnership

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Lift4Life Kim To Zim Outreach Trip

The Strength Guys Silver Sponsor for Outreach Trip

TSG recently sponsored the Lift4Life Kim ( Kimberly Walford ) To Zim Outreach trip. We received the following thank you note today. It’s great to read the impact for the community in Zimbabwe and especially the females.

Lift4Life Kim To Zim Outreach Trip

Lift4Life Outreach Trip Team Thank You Note

“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for The Strength Guy’s formal Silver Sponsorship and donation that went towards Zimbabwe and the recent Lift4Life Outreach Powerlifting meet on July 21st.

It was nothing short of magical! We were able to provide 30 youth lifters from all across Harare the chance to step on the platform, a huge event open for all in the community, a free banquet celebration including a healthy nutritious meal (something these lifters often don’t get), and numerous awards and scholarships that went directly to helping them attend school. 

We were able to have significant impact within the trip with Kimberly Walford working within our communities (I could write essays for days!) but if you are interested in a complete recap you can check out this blog outlining the days and what we did – . A big focus of the trip was addressing stereotypes and barriers to female lifting, and on Day 4 we worked in the community of Epworth to donate 60 re-usable sanitary pad kits to help some of our young female lifters manage their periods and keep going to the gym (a need identified by the community we were able to help with. as many of them can’t afford pads on a regular basis and resort to using cow dung / garbage to stop their flow). 

I’m still waiting on some of the photos and videos but this video is of the meet squats , and this album contains some photos of the meet to give you an idea of what we were able to create – A local photographer and videographer were hired as a means to provide employment and allow them to showcase their communities, but with a lack of reliable internet uploads have been slow going getting the rest of the photos and footage…. But wanted to share these with you in the mean time!

Last week we had 89 youth show up in the community of Glen Norah for a powerlifting workshop hosted by Audrey. Which is insane and so exciting for us, and it looks like I have my work cut out for me this coming year to grow and expand and build more equipment. 

None of this would have been possible without super start supporters and sponsors of the trip like you. Thank you for your continuous donations and support. “

Coaching For A Cause

Every month, a portion of athlete fees is donated to Lift4Life to provide youth scholarships in Zimbabwe. Read more about our Coaching For A Cause sponsorship. We look forward to sponsoring future Lift4Life outreach trips.

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Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach TSG Silver Sponsor

Kimberly Walford Joining Lift4Life Outreach Trip to Zimbabwe

Kimberly Walford @trackfu and 12 other powerlifters from around the world will be joining Lift4Life Outreach event on the ground in Harare, Zimbabwe. They will spend their time together learning from one another via powerlifting workshops at Lift4Life donated gyms  They will also host a big community powerlifting meet where youth scholarships will be awarded combining academics and athletics.  The Strength Guys are proud to be Silver Sponsors for this event.

Lift4Life empowers marginalized communities through strength training and the sport of powerlifting. They work together with communities to address local needs and make sport accessible to all.


TSG Silver Sponsor

We have been working closely with Lift4Life  and we’re excited to be an official event Silver Sponsor for the upcoming outreach trip with Kimberly Walford    They are hosting a huge powerlifting meet in Zimbabwe on July 21st we are excited to be a part of. .

We have been working as a partner to the charity since its founding, and through our Coaching For A Cause initiative we have been supporting Lift4Life and the use of powerlifting within communities around the world that need it most.

A portion of all athlete fees go directly to the charity, and our team has been able to support a number of lifters in marginalized communities through scholarships and funding gym donation. If you are interested in becoming a TSG athlete, check out our COACHING SERVICES or CONTACT US for more information.

Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach Event
Kimberly Walford Lift4Life Outreach Event in Zimbabwe


Athlete in Excellence Grant Recipient | Nicola Paviglianiti

Congratulations Nicola | Athlete in Excellence Grant Recipient 

Everyone at The Strength Guys would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Nicola Paviglianiti  to be recognized by The Foundation for Global Sports Development as a 2018 Athlete in Excellence.…/2018-athletes-in-exce…/

Nicola’s announcement from social media:

Its a big deal, as the elite athletic award comes with a $10,000 unrestricted cash grant. A big deal, because with this award big dreams can become big actions & impact. 

Having a humanitarian heart comes with A LOT of self doubt, financial insecurity (volunteer work doesn’t pay the bills), heartbreak, and loneliness. People see accomplishments and highlights, but not the tears, hours of work and time, and sacrifices that come with never giving up and following your heart. 

This award will allow me to continue to pursue my passion for powerlifting and uplifting communities with Lift4life. I have my sights on building and supporting community gyms in Kenya come summer 2019 – so stay tuned ?

The majority of the world wasn’t born into the privilage and opportunities I was, and I was given a special gift of strength to use for good. I do what I do to make a difference and take action because I can, and I’m continuing to go all in with a focus like never before. ?

I am feeling so grateful for this award and everyone who continues to support me around the world. A big thanks to John C. Downing who took me in under Lift4Life, my mom Kerri Paviglianiti & boyfriend Ben Langley(who have both even travelled across the world to help me in Zimbabwe!), my fam and friends and so many people who continue to inspire me and believe in me #GratefulGains

Check out this link to read up on the 9 other inspiring recipients from across the globe and more about the award –…/2018-athletes-in-exce…/

Nicola is a valuable member of Our TSG Team  as our Community Relations & Female Athlete Rep.   Nicola formed a unique community within TSG called The Strength Gals and formalized a partnership between The Strength Guys and Lift4Life we call  Coaching For A Cause
TSG Family

TSG Youth Lifting Scholarships In Zimbabwe | Lift4Life

The Strength Guys is very excited to share that we recently sponsored and presented two youth lifting scholarships in Zimbabwe through our partnership with the charity Lift4Life

Since February, TSG has started a #CoachingForACause initiative where a portion of all our coaching fees go towards spreading strength around the world to underprivileged communities that need sport the most.

Lift4Life hosted a local community meet over in Zimbabwe on Sunday, June 3rd, led by Team Member Nicola Paviglianiti. Here, The Strength Guys sponsored scholarships were presented for both the Best Junior Female and Best Junior Male lifter. It is intended that these scholarships go towards helping these lifters complete their schooling and pursuing their career aspirations, while also supporting their passion for powerlifting.

Kelly Chiripa was the female youth scholarship recipient. A Zimbabwe Strength Gal at its finest!

         Kelly Overwhelmed With Scholarships



Youth Scholarships Female Strength GalFemale Youth Scholarships - Kelly


Kelly weighed in at 64.8kg, with a best squat of 60kg, bench of 30kg, and deadlift of 80kg. This strong gal is 15 years old and in Form 2 (the equivalent to Grade 10) in the suburb of Mabvuku in Harare. Kelly trains after school and on weekends on the Lift4Life donated powerlifting equipment within her community.



It was a special moment witnessing her receive her scholarship, as she was in absolute shock and was close to tears of joy during the presentation. Speaking with Nicola after the meet, the young girl spoke about how her favourite lift was the squat, and how the best thing about powerlifting was that it makes her feel “confident” and her “body strong”. Kelly is still unsure of what she wants to do after she completes school, however, she says she wants to teach other girls about powerlifting and inspire them to also join the sport.

Male Youth Scholarships - Isaac

Isaac Zinyembe was the male youth scholarship recipient. This young lifting lad is 22 years old, and has already been lifting for 7 years! He started when he was in Form 2 (grade 10) at the age of 15 after a friend introduced him to lifting weights – he hasn’t looked back since! At the meet, Isaac weighed in at 53.4kg finishing with a 90kg squat, 70kg bench, and a huge 140kg deadlift.

Isaac completed highschool, however, has been unable to pursue any further studies and is currently unemployed due to Zimbabwe’s economic situation. He has a dream of pursuing a career in the area of sports and physical activity, and this scholarship will hopefully motivate him and provide him the means to do so. Isaac has “a love for speed” and enjoys making weights move fast. He hopes to compete again soon, and has already been back to the weights and training this past week. 

Male Scholarships - Isaac All Smiles With Nicola and Ben


TSG is so honoured for this opportunity to impact lives, and we are excited to continue to work together with Lift4Life to spread the power of powerlifting.




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TSG’s Lift4Life Donation

TSG is excited to announce that our team officially made our first Lift4Life donation  through our #CoachingForACause partnership! Our donations will be put towards funding local lifter scholarships in Zimbabwe. We will be helping young and deserving lifters pursue their education and provide them livelihood opportunities through powerlifting. 

 TSG’s Lift4Life Donation
Through our partnership, a portion of ALL monthly athlete fees from our coaching services are donated to help support powerlifting in areas of the world that need the sport the most. We look forward to sharing the stories of the scholarship recipients in the weeks to come! 
Interested in becoming the best athlete you can be?
Interested in becoming the best athlete you can be, while also supporting other athletes? Check out our  Coaching & Consulting Services where a portion of the fee goes directly to Lift4Life, or you can make a donation on our behalf on the Lift4Life website to help us reach our goal. 
More to come in June
TSG’s Community Relations Rep, Nicola Paviglianiti will be in Zimbabwe in a couple of weeks and will work closely with the young lifters to make a difference.  Stay tuned as our story unfolds.
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Coaching For A Cause

The Strength Guys is excited to announce our partnership with the charity Lift4life!

Through our commitment, every month $5 from every athlete fee will go directly to help sponsor a TSG community gym in Zimbabwe. You can check out the details on the  Coaching Services on our website

Lift4life was founded in 2015 by one of TSG’s own coaches John C. Downing. The charity uses strength training and the sport of powerlifting as a means to provide humanitarian assistance and address needs within marginalized communities. The organization provides funding support for lifting equipment, as well as training and resource support for local coaches and athletes. Within this context, the sport of powerlifting is addressing drug abuse, promoting health, fostering women empowerment, reducing crime, and providing employment and livelihood opportunities – to only name a few.

We have seen Lift4Life grow and have incredible impact since its start, and we feel very honoured for the opportunity to give back – its important to TSG to uplifting athlete all over the world to ensure they are the best they can be.

Interested in helping us contribute to our goal? Sign up for one of our coaching services and check out our partnership page for additional ways to get involved.

Powerlifting Team
Powerlifting Team and Community Outreach